Pumpkin Barley Ginkgo Golden Dessert

Pumpkin Barley Ginkgo Golden Dessert

  Ingredients: 500 gm Pumpkin 200 gm ginkgo nuts 100 gm organic barley 1/2 cup tropical pearl 100 gm organic raw cane sugar to your sweetness 4 pcs pandan leaves rinsed and tied into a

Coconut Banana Vegan Pancake

Coconut Banana Vegan Pancake

Ingredients: 220gm organic all-purpose flour  20 gm rice flour 2  tbsp coconut sugar 1/2 tsp. bicarbonate of soda Pinch of  sea salt 150 ml coconut milk  250 ml filter water 1 tbsp white sesame seeds some chopped walnuts 3


Steamed Pumpkin Coconut Muffins

    Ingredients: 150 gm Pumpkin steamed and mashed ( You can also replace with sweet potatoes ) 100 ml coconut milk 250 ml filter pure water 150 gm organic brown sugar 300

Main Course

Vegan Nasi Briyani with Mutton Rendang Curry

    Rice Ingredients: 2 cups Basmati rice , wash and soaked in filter water for 20 minutes- drain dry 4 -4 1/2 cups filter pure water 1/2 tsp fresh

Coconut Rice- Nasi Lemak with Vegan Sambal Petai

Coconut Rice~Nasi Lemak- is rice cooked in coconut milk made aromatic with pandan leaves (screwpine leaves). One the most popular traditionally Malay hearty breakfast dishes