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Golden Tonic Intake Period That You Must Not Be Missed

winter begins 立冬 dumplings

Winter Begins – Veg. Winter

winter begins dumplings

According to Chinese Lunar Calender, today, is the beginning of winter. It is a very important period for tonic intake!

ObamaCare Wins

Today is also a meaningful day for Barrack Obama, who wins the 2012 US President Election! Barrack Obama, the 2009. Nobel Peace Prize winner, officially, he is not only the first African American President but also the 44th and current President of United States of America. He is also the second person from Democratic Party who won the re-election, after Bill Clinton.

Maybe he will be another vegan US President after Bill Clinton? lol…..

barack-obama-44 and current US President

Winter Health Tonic Recommendation

When winter begins, the main diet should be warm/hot. Most of us like to have tonic soup, porridge, hotpot or steamboat.

In ancient China, mostly in Northern area, they like to eat dumplings 饺子(jiao zi). Why? Because the word stands for — which means “the turn of autumn and winter”. But this is forgotten at this modern era. No matter what, all varieties of dumplings are the hot selling food during the season!

We share with you some of our famous vegan dumplings recipes, such as vegan dumplings soup, and vegan pan fried dumplings. Both are good, and suitable for old folks.

Golden Tonic Intake Period That You Must Not Be Missed

Winter, definitely is the best period for tonic intake, because our body’s metabolism is slowing down, energy consumption is low, digestion and absorption are stronger,so, the nutrients tend to keep inside our body and boost our immunity level.

Remember, the tonic intake is refer to FOOD, not MEDICINE/DRUG.

Beans and Nuts are Better Choice

Best to eat: cabbage, white fungus, black fungus, goji berries, kiwi fruit, pear, spinach, wheat, tofu, sesame seeds, black bean, green bean, tomato, banana, sugar cane, mulberry, grape, red dates, longan, chives, ginger, carrot, white radish, celery and so on.

Nuts: such as walnuts, hazelnuts, pine nuts, chestnuts, peanuts, almonds, etc.

The list of food is recommended to be added in your meal/recipe.

Eat Less/Best Not To Eat: Fatty, oily, salty, high sugar content food.

Good intake of nutrient during this period (end of the year) will be a good foundation of strong body, ensure a healthy and energetic body in the year ahead!

Oh yes!

winter begins 立冬


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