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Wax Apples, Red Dragon Fruit Mixed Fruits Jam



I couldn’t figured out go wrong if I combined wax apples, dragon fruit, pineapple to make the ultimate fruits jam.

Is so surprise my family and friends love this unique fruits jam!

Red dragon fruits turn the jam beautiful dark red color. The color of the red dragon fruits is 100% natural and that it is not genetically modified or dyed red.The color comes from natural pigments know as hylocerenin and isohylocerenin.



600 gm Red Dragon fruits

300 gm Organic wax apples/rose apples from Garden Yard

500 gm Pineapple

2 Lemon squeezed

Lemon zest from 1 lemon

200 gm Organic molasses sugar to your sweetness

1 cinnamon stick


Please Use a non-stick pot.

1.Cut the red dragon fruit in half and scoop out the pulp, squeeze out the one juice from the lemon.

2.Cut the pineapple in pieces

3. Cut all the water apples removed the seeds.

4. Place them all in vita max blend till smooth. is not necessary to add water as Dragon fruit, lemon juice is watery.

5.Pour all fruits mixture into pot, keep boiling slowly on medium heat. Stirring occasionally.

About 30 minutes into boiling, add in molasses sugar.

6. Keep stir frequently until the mixture will begin to thickens. take about an hour to cook.

7. Turn of heat leave them to cool.

8. Pour the fruit jam into glass jars and keep in fridge for a couple of weeks.

 wax apple jam

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