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Vegan Oishii Snowman Sushi

Vegan Oishii Snowman Sushi

 Celebrate This Christmas With Snowman Sushi

Happy Vegan Christmas Veganlogy
Happy Vegan Christmas


Vegan Oishii Snowman Sushi
Vegan Oishii Snowman Sushi


Vegan Oishii Snowman Sushi
Vegan Oishii Snowman Sushi


Vegan Oishii Snowman Sushi Be Vegan Make Peace
ho..ho..ho.. happy moment in kitchen today  lovely snowman decorated by my son 🙂


May the Joy, Love and Peace of Christmas be with you all through the Year.
Wishing you all a season of blessings from heaven .

Happy Merry Christmas Everyone from Veganlogy !

Merry Vegan Christmas - Vegan Oishii Snowman Sushi
Vegan Oishii Snowman Sushi

Delight this adorable vegan oishii snowman sushi to your family and friends ! Every part of the snowman is edible .This rice balls snowman together with all savoury of vegan filling, stir fried with shiitake mushroom, carrot, chestnut, bamboo shoot, makes this quite a wonderful meal for kids !!

It is best to serve with Raw Jackfruit Christmas Balls!

Another favorite miso sushi filling from Veganlogy


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400 gm Short grained Japaneses rice

520 gm pure filter water

pinch of sea salt

1/4 tsp Organic Raw Cane Sugar

1 tsp  Rice vinegar

For Decoration:-

1 small Green pepper for snowman hat use the top part of the green pepper

2 stick Cinnamon- for snowman arm

3 Black Olive or blue berries for eyes and hands

1/2  Small Red chilli Padi- for mouth

1 piece Small Green Chili Padi or Carrot for nose

2 strips Seaweed for for scarf

For filling:-

3 pieces Shiitake mushroom-cut into small cube

3 pieces Roasted Chestnut chopped into small cube

1 piece Bamboo shoot chopped into small cube

Some carrot chopped into small cube

1/4 cup chopped water chestnut

1 tbsp Black sesame seeds

1 slice Ginger-diced

1 tsp black soy sauces

1/2 tsp tamari

1/4 tsp sea salt

1/4 tsp black pepper

1 tsp chili flake


1. Wash rice.
Put rice in rice cooker to cook.
When the rice is cooked add mixed salt, sugar, vinegar into the rice. Keep hot.
or You can steam the rice.

2. Heat the pan with balck sesame oil, stir fry the diced ginger until fragrant add in all the veggie .

3. Pour in the water, seasoning stew until all the water totally dry up.
Dish up in a bowl.
Sprinkle some black sesame seeds on top.

4. To make a snowman use plastic paper to wrap the rice balls when the rice it still warm, use hand gloves to wrap your snowman balls, while plastic paper keep your hand clean:) or Use a bowl! You can lined bowl with plastic wrap, place a small amount of warm rice in the bottom, in the center add filling and cover the filling with rice on top, wrap plastic wrap press and shape firmly to form into a round ball for head.

5. Repeat the same as above, but make it bigger rice ball,
Cut the seaweed into long strips for making the scarf.
Create Your Own Creative recreation on snowman.

6. You can add any favorite filling in your snowman 🙂

7. To stick the head use a satay stick to the hat, body for chilli nose ,olive eyes use toothpick and push into the sushi rice.

8. For edible Christmas tree:
1 Japanese cucumber cut into slices,
1/2 piece kiwifruit,
3 cherry tomato,cut into half, 1 need a satay stick to make the christmas tree trunk.

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