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Traditional Kuih Kosui – Original Nyonya Recipe (Vegan)


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Traditional Kuih Kosui –


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Traditional Kuih Kosui

Traditional Kuih Kosui – Original Nyonya Recipe

Original Nyonya Recipe. Are you wonder how original it is? This is my story.

Thanksgiving Season

In this thanksgiving season, to show my gratitude to someone who is very important in my life, who enlightened me in making kuih. I am writing this especially for my shifu (Nyonya Mama) who teached me to make my first Nyonya kuih.

When I was young, I love baking and cooking. I met a Baba Nyonya neighbour. Baba-Nyonya, also known as Peranakan Chinese. You may check with wikipedia if you want to know more.

She, the Nyonya mama , teached me lots of their traditional kuih recipes. These recipes are grandmother’s recipe.

However, some of them are not vegan/vegetarian. And I have to make some little adjustment to suit vegan and vegetarian.

By the way, this Traditional Kuih Kosui recipe is definitely Original Nyonya Recipe, which is eggless and suitable for vegan/vegetarian!

Vegan Kuih Kosui

Kuih Kosui, very popular in Malaysia and Singapore, is a kind of Nyonya kuih that using jaggery sugar or palm sugar. Malay friends spell it as Kuih Kaswi. Both are the same. This kuih is usually steamed in small Chinese teacups (as shown in photo), but you can also use large pan mould and cut into the shape you love, tossed with fresh grated coconut.

* Many Nyonya kuih recipes are using over-dosage alkaline water in the kuih, which is very unhealthy and smell bad. Veganlogy always promotes and shares healthy recipes! That’s why my neighbour’s Nyonya family recipes are always my favourite.

Until today, I still can remember the taste I ate my first ever Kuih Kosui when I was 10 years old! That was the taste which is so delicious and unforgettable.

I feel so proud where I can manage to follow her recipe and share it to the world. What a wonderful feeling that you can ever imagine!

My family members and my friends really love the original taste of Kuih Kosui too.

Green Pandan Kuih Kosui ~ This is the Pandan Flavour Kuih Kosui.

Kuih Kosui
Green Pandan Kuih Kosui


250 gm Tapioca flour

350 gm Plain Flour

200-250 gm Jaggery sugar taste of your sweetness

8 pieces Pandan leaves-knotted

1500 ml Pure filter water

1 whole Fresh Grated coconut-for coating

pinch of Natural Sea Salt

10 inch Round Mold Or Some small cups

Method :

1. Mixed and sift the 2 flour together. Set aside.

2. Place jaggery sugar in a pot with water, Pandan leaves of & cook until sugar is dissolved to make syrup. Let the syrup totally cool down.The syrup will give a aroma with added Pandan leaves.

3. Slowly add mixed flour while stirring. Mix well until smooth or Use flour sifter to removed the “Lumps”

4. Pour some water in the steamer to boil.
Add pinch of salt to the grated coconut steam for 5-8 second. Dish out and set aside.

5. Add the flour mixture into 9′ round mold or small chinese teacups & steam above rapidly boiling water for 45 minutes.Times for steamed in cups is 20 minutes until cooked.

6. Completely cool the kuih before cutting & serve coat with fresh grated coconut.

 Kuih Kosui

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