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Vegan Sayur Lodeh

Malaysia Vegan Veggie Lodeh (Sayur Lodeh)

The Story of Sayur Lodeh The origin of Sayur Lodeh is Java, Indonesia. But it is also very popular and famous in Malaysia and Singapore. Meanwhile, we, veganlogy have our vegan version of Sayur Lodeh. Sayur is in Bahasa, means vegetable/veggie. And Lodeh means the mixed of vegetables (usually around 6-10 kinds

Steamed Tempeh

Ingredients: 1 pkt Organic Tempeh (cut into 3 pieces) Some Coriander (chopped) 3 Lime Juice add in pinch of sea salt 2 pcs Small Red Bird's eye bird chilli (finely diced) Method: Prepare a steamer steam the Tempeh for 10 minutes. After steam sprinkle some chopped coriander, lime juice, chilli on top of steamed tempeh. Enjoy !! Quick