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Raw Wild Yam

    Ingredient:500 gm Raw wild Yam -peeled and washPeeled and wash the fresh Chinese Yam thoroughly is a bit sticky, if your hand feel itchy, wash with some warm salt water. (or use hand glove) and cut into 1 inch long.  Dressing:1/2 lemon juice with shredded rind1 slice grated ginger1/2 tsp apple

Seasonal Veggie

  Seasonal Veggie  You can do it with any vegetables that you have. Ingredient: 1 small Eggplant Strips1/2 pc Yellow n Red pepper Strips1/2 pc Carrot Shreddedsome white sesame Sauce:3 tbsp tomato sauce1/2 tsp chili sauce1/2 tsp apple cider too1/2 tsp seasalt1/2 tsp raw sugar2 tbs water mixed Method: 1. Heat frying pan add 2 tbs olive