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Steamed Glutinous Pumpkin Dumplings

  Steamed Glutinous Pumpkin Dumplings Steamed Dumpling or Bangkuang kuih. A famous Chinese Hakka Soon kuih, is one of my family favorite kuih !!! Chinese Dumplings or steamed kuih is a Southeast Asian Chinese people typical morning and afternoon snack. This snack is very popular among the Teochew and Hakka - a simple, steamed Jicama

Vegan Nyonya Dumpling

Vegan Nyonya Dumpling       Happy Duanwu Festival (Dumpling Festival) to all our friends and Chinese readers. The May 5th of Lunar Chinese Calendar, it is the Duan Wu Festival and one of the activity that we do is to eat and enjoy many different flavors of zongzi 粽子~rice dumplings ! Nyonya

Traditional Kuih Kosui – Original Nyonya Recipe (Vegan)

    Traditional Kuih Kosui - Original Nyonya Recipe Original Nyonya Recipe. Are you wonder how original it is? This is my story. Thanksgiving Season In this thanksgiving season, to show my gratitude to someone who is very important in my life, who enlightened me in making kuih. I am writing this especially for my

Green Pandan Kuih Kosui

  Ingredients: 80 gm Tapioca flour 100 gm Plain Flour 100 gm sugar to your taste 300 ml Water (1-1/2 cups) 2-3 Pandan leaves 2 Tbsp pandan leaves extract (made from 6-8 pandan leaves) Grated Cocount from 1/2 cocount a pinch of salt   Mix the two flour together with the water ,and set aside. Cook the sugar with the water

Steamed Vegan Yam Cake

Steamd Yam Cake

  The Best snack During Chinese New Year. Hakkas often made this steamed yam cake for Chinese New Years to bring wealth in business. Chilli sauce:-malaysia-vegan-sambal-belacan Steamed Vegan Yam Cake Recipe:30 minutes Prep Time60 minutes Cook Time Ingredients:350 gm Rice Flour - prefer Chinese Lily Flower brand rice flour1 tbsp Tapioca Flour1200 ml Water300 gm