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IKEA Vegan Veggie Balls Rise and Shine

Ikea Vegan Veggie Balls - GRÖNSAKSBULLAR

GRÖNSAKSBULLAR, another tasty food options - IKEA Vegan Veggie Balls Rise and Shine at it's cafeteria worldwide, the well known for its assemble-it-yourself furniture and its Swedish Meatballs. This Veggie Balls is gluten-free! dairy-free! and antibiotic-free! Now, vegan and vegetarian shoppers can shop in Ikea without carrying away by the hungry stomach. According to IKEA, The veggie balls consists of only

Gluten Free Soursop & Roselle Raw Cupcake

  I love raw cheesecake and decided to try soursop raw cake as cupcakes worked out really well. Today, I'll make Gluten Free Soursop & Roselle Raw Cupcake! Raw soursop has intense sweet, sour tangy taste to it and when mix with roselle this raw cupcake is really delicious and the taste is perfect! The

Stuffed Jackfruit with Quinoa

Stuffed Jack fruit with Quinoa

  Hellooooo~ Happy Meat Free Monday everyone   Sharing you today a meat free healthy delicious Stuffed Jackfruit with Quinoa. Not only is it tasty, full of Fiber, Protein, Gluten free and delightful! Jack fruit is an excellent Vegetarian/Vegan substitute for meat. In fact, Jack fruit referred to as Vegetable meat. You will

Coconut Quinoa Vegan Energy Balls

  Quinoa is food of high protein quality, lacks gluten and is typically regarded as an adequate source of all essential amino acids, good source of manganese. It is also a good source of phosphorus, copper, magnesium, dietary fiber, folate, and zinc. For More about Quinoa? Today Veganlogy present simple, easy Vegan Ouinoa Energizer Balls ! Delicious