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Vegan Sayur Lodeh

Malaysia Vegan Veggie Lodeh (Sayur Lodeh)

The Story of Sayur Lodeh The origin of Sayur Lodeh is Java, Indonesia. But it is also very popular and famous in Malaysia and Singapore. Meanwhile, we, veganlogy have our vegan version of Sayur Lodeh. Sayur is in Bahasa, means vegetable/veggie. And Lodeh means the mixed of vegetables (usually around 6-10 kinds

Seasonal Veggie

  Seasonal Veggie  You can do it with any vegetables that you have. Ingredient: 1 small Eggplant Strips1/2 pc Yellow n Red pepper Strips1/2 pc Carrot Shreddedsome white sesame Sauce:3 tbsp tomato sauce1/2 tsp chili sauce1/2 tsp apple cider too1/2 tsp seasalt1/2 tsp raw sugar2 tbs water mixed Method: 1. Heat frying pan add 2 tbs olive