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Organic multi-grains brown rice Raw Veggie Vegan Sushi

    Ingredients: Cooked Organic Muti-grains mixed brown riceSome Raw organic corn  Some Pumpkin seeds  Ingredient for pouch filling :1/2 pc Raw Beetroot shredded add some lemon juice, salt1/2 pc Raw Carrot shredded3 Raw Tomato cut 1/2  1/2 pc Organic Cucumber cube and some shreddedsome Raw Organic loving hut Vegan ham cubeSeaweeds shreddedSome toasted

Organic Black-bean Noodles

Organic Black-bean Noodles / Tomato Noodles with Raw organic Veggies and DIY sauces. It taste good by stirring the noodles, sauces and vegetables together. Ingredients: Raw shredded Carrot or Pumpkin (i use shredded Pumpkin for Organic Tomato Noodles) Organic Cauliflower (steam for 1 mins) Organic Raw string beans Organic Raw Cucumber Organic Raw Lettuce Organic Black-bean Noodles

Hand Roll Cucumber Sushi

  Simple and Easy Yummy Hand roll sushi Ingredients: Purple Cabbage shredded White Cabbage shredded Jicama shredded Red apple shredded Cucumber shredded Cucumber Sliced thinly for roll Small Tomato for decoration Dressing : 1 pc of Mango 1/2 pc of Lemon juice pinch of Sea Salt 2 Tbsp Olive Oil 1 tsp Dijon mustard Blenderize all until smooth.