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Organic multi-grains brown rice Raw Veggie Vegan Sushi

    Ingredients: Cooked Organic Muti-grains mixed brown riceSome Raw organic corn  Some Pumpkin seeds  Ingredient for pouch filling :1/2 pc Raw Beetroot shredded add some lemon juice, salt1/2 pc Raw Carrot shredded3 Raw Tomato cut 1/2  1/2 pc Organic Cucumber cube and some shreddedsome Raw Organic loving hut Vegan ham cubeSeaweeds shreddedSome toasted

Raw Beetroot Salad

Raw Beetroot Salad

Amazing BEETROOT!! BEETROOT the best detox! Is Your Livers Friend!  A GREAT LIVER CLEANSER FOOD ! If possible don"t cook beet root should be eaten Raw !! The red deep of beetroot comes from betacyanin, is one of the key foods in preventing disease as well as curing Cancer. Beetroot has the power to