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Passion Fruits, Aloe Vera Dessert

Passion fruit, Aloe Vera are my favorite combo and heart warming ingredients in my recipes. Passion fruit is super delicious rich source of antioxidants, minerals, fiber, high amount of vitamin C and A and plant based iron and minerals. Passion fruit provide a wonderful tropical aromatic flavor in all recipes, add distinct flavor great in

Aloe Mint Almond Smoothie

        More about -A Miracle Plant *ALOE VERA *   Ingredients: 1 cup Fresh Organic Aloe Vera-Peeled and wash twice under running water. Handful of Fresh Organic Mint leaves 3 Medjool Dates-pitted 2 cups Organic Almond milk or or organic nonGMO soymilk 1 cup icecube Cut the aloe vera into cube keep aside Place all the ingredients aleo vera,mints leaves,almond milk, medjool dates

Raw Organic Aloe Vera Mango

Raw Organic Aloe Vera Mango

Raw Organic Aloe Vera Mango = wonderful match :) Super simple dessert. This is a child friendly recipe that everybody can make by his/her own. You can also do it with your kids at home! It Serves 2-4 people by just using 10 minutes preparation time.   Ingredients: 1 pc Aloe Vera - peel, wash and rinse 1