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Vegan Roselle Pineapple Jam


freah organic rosella
Fresh Organic Roselle


Beautiful rosella
Beautiful short calyx roselle

This is quite popular among Chinese, we called this 玫瑰茄 or 洛神花.

is also known as Hibiscus Sabdariffa, is a species of Hibiscus.

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Visit the morning market today and bought fresh organic roselle, is about Rm 7 .oo per kg. There are 2 types of roselle flowers,with short calyx and long calyx.I only got the short calyx roselle.

This is what come to my mind when i saw a lot pineapple and passion fruits to make a roselle pineapple mixed fruits jam.

Blend together roselle calyx, pineapple and passion fruit pulp, after cooked. It has spreadable consistency texture which like commercial jam. The amount of coconut sugar used in this recipe is not too sweet.

Roselle pineapple jam require much more attention, on stir occasionally. During the cooking process I put the lid on and check about every 5-10 minutes.
Maybe you might thinking trouble of making own jam as you might need to stir the jam frequently when you cook, indeed you feel gratitude for all you have done.
If you like tangy jam, try roselle pineapple jam! 🙂
You will love it, trust me !!
rosella pineapple jam
Beautiful Red Roselle pineapple jam,yum~ yum ….
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