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Coconut Rice- Nasi Lemak with Vegan Sambal Petai

Coconut Rice~Nasi Lemak- is rice cooked in coconut milk made aromatic with pandan leaves (screwpine leaves). One the most popular traditionally Malay hearty breakfast dishes eaten in Malaysian.Prepare and serve with love and variety of toppings makes nasi lemak so delightful !


How to cook the coconut rice

Rice Ingredients :

2 cups Jasmine old rice or long-grain rice washed and drained
2 cups fresh coconut milk
2 cups  pure filter water  or more depends on the age-type of rice you bought, adjust according to the rations you normally use.
½ teaspoon natural sea salt
4. Pandan leaves(Screwpine leaves)split and tied in a knot
2 slices of ginger -cut into thin strips
1 stalk lemon grass cut into half
1. Place rice together with all the ingredients into rice cooker.
2.In rice pot use a fork or chopstick lightly stir the rice mixture, cook until done. Once cooked leave it to rest for 25 minutes. Give the rice a stir to fluff up the rice before serving.

 Ingredients for Sambal Petai:



1 pkt of  petai- Stinky Beans  or 2  bundle of unpeel fresh petai padi
2 tbsp of vegan sambal tumis belancan or Homemade Vegan All-purpose Sambal Chilli
1/3 cup of tamarind juice
2 spears of pineapple cut into small pieces
Some long beans cut into 1 1/2 inci
1/2 cup pure filter water
Pinch of sea salt
1 tbsp of jaggery sugar
1 tbsp light soy sauce

Kindly remainder : -Tear the pod to get the petai beans. You will see the beans cover with white skin.Peel off the white skin and split the petai into half to spot for any tiny little worms.

Other condiments:

Tempeh-marinade with cilli powder, turmeric, sea salt. or the healthy oil free Steamed Tempeh.
you can add other condiments like
 Toasted Cashew or Peanuts
1. Heat the wok, add vegan sambal belancan, water, tamarind juice, pineapple, long beans .
2. Saute for 5-10 minutes,then add petai and all the seasoning, fry for another 5 minutes until sauce is thick.
3. Turn off the fire, serve nasi lemak with sambal petai together with the other condiments you love.

Nasi Lemak-Coconut Rice with Sambal Petai

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 nasi lemak 2
Prepare and serve with love.


nasi lemak

Love Life,

Love Nature,

Love Our Mother Earth.

Be Vegan >>> Make Peace

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