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MY VEGAN STORY ~ Aaron V Macneil

Vegan Journey
Love the Beautiful Veganism Graffiti ~ spray painting by my sons. Share your vegan journey here.


A letter from reader Aaron V Macneil on how veganism changed his life and sharing his vegan story here in Veganlogy.

I was just checking out your site. Very nice.

“My vegan journey all started almost 5 years ago. I was overweight and sick and always short of breath. I never wanted to do anything before work or after. I was always tired and my energy level was very low. It wasn’t until one day when my kids asked me to play outside with them that I realized that this was not the way I wanted my life to go. I didn’t want to be overweight and unhealthy. I didn’t want to always be telling my kids no when they asked to play outside. I didn’t want my life to be cut short because of unhealthy choices and the thought of not being involved in my children’s lives for as long as possible killed me.

My wife was a huge supporter in this change and we did the transition together. Actually, my whole family did the switch together. My wife and I leaned on each other for support and would research foods to get an understanding of what was good and what was bad. It almost became a game of “can you believe what this has in it?!” and finding what foods replaced others for the better. We started with picking healthy and fresh plant based meals and educating ourselves on nutrients and minerals and how they help fuel our bodies. I had some understanding of how food helped the body but I had no idea that it could be so powerful and work so fast. Cutting out alcohol definitely helped as well.

After about a month of eating healthy and adding some exercise, I was feeling really good and my family was also feeling good. My kids were full of energy and so was I. One of the first things I noticed was my breathing. The full big breaths of air felt amazing. After my second month I was running and doing a lot of interval training and sprints and other forms of exercise that I was never really good at before and I was starting to really enjoy it. I was eating clean and healthy meals every day. Never missing a meal and sticking to the plan. I was exercising 5 times a week and sticking to it. The more I did the more I wanted to push myself.

After about 6 months I noticed my body healing itself. I felt brand new. I had muscles that you could see and were stronger than ever. My daughter, who had been diagnosed with asthma, was no longer using her puffers and hasn’t used one since. We thought, is this real??!! Is this actually happening?! My wife and I were amazed and so proud we found a way to save her from a lifetime of inhaling steroids just to breathe. The feeling I get when my kids ask me to go outside and play in the forest until they are wiped out but I could stay out there for hours more is the best feeling in the world. I always have time for them and join them in all their activities.

I often have people ask me for training and nutrition advice and I am more than willing to share everything I have learned. It really is humbling. I started posting pictures of my meals on face book and was so overwhelmed with the positive response and number of recipe requests that I started my own face book recipe page, “vegan bodybuilding recipe and quick fixes cookbook page”.

To achieve all of this personal health success, to know that every day we are saving so many animals from unnecessary torture and death all while leaving the environment a little better makes me so proud to say we are a vegan family and will be for life.”



Your vegan story ~Veganlogy ~Aaron V Macneil

Gratitude and Thank you! Aaron V Macneil and family for choosing compassion over cruelty, and everyone can start on your own vegan journey of happy, thankful and healthy living.

If you are interested in sharing your vegan journey with me, you are welcome vegan hugsto drop me an email at Your= stories of transformation will inspire others to find their own voices and to recognize themselves through your stories. Your story will be posted under “My Vegan Story”.

Thanks to all of those who are living a respectful lifestyle and doing its best to thrive on this beautiful planet.

~ Be Vegan  Make Peace ~

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