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Vegan Sayur Lodeh

Malaysia Vegan Veggie Lodeh (Sayur Lodeh)

The Story of Sayur Lodeh

The origin of Sayur Lodeh is Java, Indonesia. But it is also very popular and famous in Malaysia and Singapore.

Meanwhile, we, veganlogy have our vegan version of Sayur Lodeh. Sayur is in Bahasa, means vegetable/veggie. And Lodeh means the mixed of vegetables (usually around 6-10 kinds of vegetables). It is usually cooked in coconut milk soup.

The most common ingredients are Tempeh, cabbage, eggplant, long beans, carrot, tofu, lady finger, jackfruit, jicama, green, red chili what ever vegetables that you have in hand and all these cooked in white coconut milk soup. You can add more red hot bird”s eye chili if you love spicy coconut milk.

Sometime stinky beans (Petai) is also added in Sayur Lodeh.

You can serve Vegan Sayur Lodeh with some sambal belacan and ketupat.

Malaysia Vegan Sayur Lodeh with white coconut milk soup
Malaysia Vegan Sayur Lodeh


Malaysia Vegan Sayur Lodeh with white coconut milk soup
Malaysia Vegan Sayur Lodeh with white coconut milk soup

Ingredients :

1 pkt Organic Tempeh-cut into strips

150 gm Long beans-cut into 2 inci

1 small Jicama cut into fingers

1 medium Eggplant -cut into fingers

8 leaves Cabbage-cut into wedges

4 Okra-cut into 2 inci lengths

2 Potato-cut into cube

50 gm Glass Green Beans Noddles-soaked until soft

3 Red chilli cut diagonally and removed seeds

3 Red Bird’s eye Chilli-if you like spicy don’t remove the seed just cut into half

400 ml Thick coconut milk

800 ml Pure filter water

1 stalk Torch ginger flower-cut into 4

4 leaves Betel leaves -Duan Sirih

1 tsp Natural Sea Salt to your taste

All spice:-

1 stick Cinnamon stick

1 piece star anise

2 pieces cardamom

2 Cloves

1/2 tsp Ground Turmeric

1 tsp Kurma power


1. Cut the Tempeh into strips .Dip fried the until golden brown keep aside.

2. Heat 2 tsp oil, simply fry the all the spice..torch ginger flower, small bird’s eye chilli, chilli.betel leaves,
Add water and bring to boil. Add in all vegetables such as potato, eggplant, cabbage,long beans, ground turmeric, kurma power, cooked for 10-15 minutes until all vegetable are tender.

3. Then add thick coconut milk, glass green beans noodles, okra salt to taste. I love the crunchiness of okra so add to the last.

4. Once veggie mixture coconut milk is boil add turn the heat off add fried tempeh.

5. Serve hot into a shallow bowl and ladle cooked “sayur lodeh” over it..or You can serve it with some sambal belacan and ketupat.


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