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Japanese Vegan Cafe – Sushi Kitchen

Sushi Kitchen Plant-Based, Organic, Vegan Restaurant-Veganlogy

Sushi Kitchen – Japanese Organic Plant-based Vegan Cafe @Sg Ara, Penang

Sushi Kitchen Plant-Based, Organic, Vegan Restaurant-Veganlogy
Sushi Kitchen is a Plant-Based, Organic, Vegan Restaurant
Sushi Kitchen established in 2009, which is located in Penang, Malaysia. Sushi Kitchen served Japanese cuisine in Vegan, which is not easy to find in Malaysia. We love this so much because this Japanese restaurant is promoting healthy and environmental protection by serving Organic, Plant-based diet, and Vegan (eggless) food. Besides, their fruits and vegetables are soaked in garbage enzyme for 45 minutes. By doing this, it removes all harmful fertilizer, bacteria, and etc. So, we highly recommend this vegan restaurant in Penang.
Sushi Kitchen-Penang-Malaysia
2A-1 Jalan Sg Ara, Desa Ara Sg Ara
11900, Bayan Lepas, Penang, Malaysia.
Phone: (+604)644-6739 / ( +6017) 465- 6821
Facebook: Sushi Kitchen
Working Hours:
Monday-Thursday 11:30 am“ 8 pm
Friday-Sunday 11:30 am -2:30 pm, 6 pm “ 10pm
*Closed on Tuesday
sushi kitchen Penang-front door
Sushi Kitchen Penang-front door-with a list of NOs and YES

As you can see, it is stated clearly on their front door.

Their 9 NOs policy:

  • NO MSG & Additives
  • NO White Sugar
  • NO Chemical Salt
  • NO Artificial Colouring
  • NO Preservative
  • NO Egg (Eggless)
  • NO Garlic & Onion
  • NO Microwave Oven
  • NO Animal Product


The SUSHI KITCHEN is located at second floor, come and follow me … …vegan smile
Stunning….. ….. ….. ….. ….. …..
Sushi Kitchen Staircase View From Top full of signatures
Sushi Kitchen Staircase View From Top
Closer look of customer's message on wall
Closer look of customer’s message on wall- it is a moment *** I will surely not  forget  veganlogy  signature  here 🙂
Once you step inside, you will see so many Graffiti on wall and staircase!
Look closer, the Graffiti actually are customers’ handwritten messages and signatures. Other than that, there are so many newspaper coverage about Sushi Kitchen! Awesome~
The staircase leads you to the restaurant which is filled with customers testimonials, newspaper articles, postcards with tons of good responses from patrons.
Patrons feedback testimonial magazine newspaper cutting
The wall is filled with patrons’ testimonial, magazine and newspaper cutting
newspaper coverage on SUSHI KITCHEN
So many newspaper coverage ,Go Vegan.Go Green on Sushi Kitchen wall.
 Keep going……

Sushi Kitchen Interior

Sushi Kitchen Bamboo wall
Sushi Kitchen Bamboo wall
As you reach the top, you can see various sizes of clay pots and urns which are neatly arranged close to the wall.
claypots urns and clogs
Japanese Wooden Clogs
clay pots and urns sushi kitchen
So many clay pots and urns in Sushi Kitchen
Pots, Urns, Bottles - OLD
WOW- so many old Pots, Urns, Bottles
Just wonder, what is inside these pots and urns??? Break it??? No! Just ask the waiter.
Answer: Chinese Tea.(Owner many years of collections )

This atmosphere is so…Retro! It brings me back to 1950s’ to 1960s’! I  am sure if you are belong to 50s and 60s, you must have the same feeling as well. You will find many old forms of decorative items includes my old memory of my daddy manual type writer, my mom’s era hand sewing machine,old F&N soft drink bottles, old stereo/radio, tiffin carrier, earthenware, brasswares, old household items, and etc….

old stamps and notices in sushi kitchen
old stamps and old notices
Overview interior view of retro style inside Sushi Kitchen
Overview interior design of retro style
My childhood's item Retro
My childhood’s Item – Retro Style
oldies items, baggage, ice kacang machine, toys
50s’ 60s’ Baggages, Toys, etc…
Ice Kacang Machine OLD
Ice Kacang Machine
grandmother's age typewriter
Grandmother’s age typewriter
old abacus and tea set
Old abacus and Old tea set


Roof tile from Temple of Soul's Retreat
Roof tile from Temple of Soul’s Retreat, China 灵隐寺
grandfather's age items
Grandfather’s age items and book collection-love The Noble wilds book


grandmother's age refrigerator President Mao's Photo
Grandfather’s age refrigerator with President Mao’s Photo
Looks what is inside the refrigerator. Fruits? Vegetables? No….is Comic! Hahaha…
Grandfather's age refrigerator with book collection
Grandfather’s age refrigerator with book collection
Another Retro Style, washroom! with Japanese wooden clogs.
sushi kitchen retro style washroom
Sushi Kitchen retro style washroom, with oldies record and very rusting old door.i wonder how he kept this door for so many year ?
Most of the local Japanese restaurants that as I know in my cities area are non-vegetarian.
But Sushi Kitchen serves organic, plant-based vegan meal, which is stressed on healthy vegan diet.
This is my first time here and it gives me an indescribable mystic and warmest feeling when I passed by the pathway to the main door of this vegan restaurant.
Tatami Sushi Kitchen warm atmosphere
Tatami at Sushi Kitchen
Although Sushi Kitchen is a not so big, but the warm and cozy atmosphere with dim lights, helping us to stay relax and enjoy, where guests feel at home. I think it is quite a nice place for gathering and chit-chatting with colleagues, friends, and families.
Other than that, you can choose “tatami seats, a Japanese style table and a few cushions for you to sit on or you can choose conventional dining tables  which are made of hard wood.
coffee set vegan
Coffee set at Vegan Sushi Kitchen
happy vegan tea coffee set
Happy Vegan paper bag with  Wedding Tea set and Coffee set
sushi kitchen paper bag
Paper bag – HAPPY VEGAN, Hey !! Dont worry, CONFIRMED VEGAN Here 🙂

Organic Vegan Dishes in Sushi Kitchen

Here, I would like to share my personal experience of savouring this Japanese Organic Vegan dishes with all my Veganlogy friends. This is a vegan restaurant that you must visit when you travel to Penang, Malaysia.
sushi kitchen menu plant-based organic
Sushi Kitchen menu
sushi kitchen latest menu selection
sushi kitchen latest menu gallery – with an affordable price range
sushi kitchen latest menu gallery page 2
sushi kitchen latest menu gallery Page 2
Let me share with you some of the favourite dishes that recommended by chef. (with creative titles)


This is boom !! vegan smile Beautiful creation of fried rice with seaweed wrapped.
Vegan Seaweed Fried Rice
Seaweed Fried Rice

Happiness Family

A good variety of sushi. Good to have if you are in a group, to taste assorted sushi.
Happy family set

Global Warming Sushi

Awesome Global Warming Sushi tasted, Its a rolled dip fried sushi ! Wonderful adding the mayonaise on top. A must try for Global Warming  vegan smileeveryone !!
Vegan Global Warming Sushi Set
Global Warming Sushi Set

Golden Age

It is Mango sushi.
You will not regret this one for sure !…. this is a must try dish !! One of my favourite!
 A very refreshing and exotic wrap with fresh ripe mango. Really Good job.vegan love
Golden Age Vegan mango Sushi with sesame

Mix 7 Spices and Sesami

Mix 7 spices and Sesami Sushi
Mix 7 spices and Sesame Sushi

Low Beauty Roll

Deep-fried until golden brown. Is better to eat when serve hot.It is a nice combination of outside is serve deep fried and inside is soft sweet potatoes and yam, mmm lovely …. you would definitely love this Beauty Roll

fried until golden brown. Is better to eat when serve hot.

It is a nice combination of outside is serve deep fried and inside is soft sweet potatoes and yam, mmm lovely …. you would definitely love this Beauty Roll.


Happy Spicy Noodle

LOVE the environment and services are up to standard, the waiters are cute , friendly and adorable. vegan smle
I think you can’t  simply find this unique “Japanese Vegan Sushi Restaurant” in Malaysia, the food taste great, light and healthy. it really Vegan Sushi yummy ~.vegan love
Vegan Happy Spicy Noodle
Happy Spicy Noodle
Double Thumbs Up !!
Have you been Sushi Kitchen before? If yes, write a review at below.
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Second New Vegan Sushi KItchen outlet at

Georgetown Branch

No. 12, Gat Lebuh Acheh,
10300 Georgetown,

Opening Hours

Tuesday – Friday: 11:30 am – 9:30 pm
Saturday & Sunday: 11:30am – 2:30pm, 6:00pm – 10:00pm
Closed on Monday.

Vegan sushi kitchen Georgetown

Vegan sushi kitchen

Finally visit second outlet Sushi kitchen on my July 2014 trip to Penang .ah…ha…:D .Advertise my Veganlogy on big wall at Sushi Kitchen Georgetown 🙂 Thank you Sushi Kitchen with friendly service !!
—————————– >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>—————————–
 Check out for all outlets Sushi Kitchen.Sushi Kitchen 寿司厨房 @ Sungai Ara
Add: 2A-1,,Desa Ara,Sg.Ara, 11900 Pulau Pinang
Tel: +6 04 644 6739 / +6 017 465 6821 / +6 012 591 3311
Mon-Thu:11:30 am-8:00 pm
Fri-Sun:11:30 am-2:30 pm
6:00 pm-10:00 pm (Close on Tue)Sushi Kitchen 寿司厨房 @ Geogetown
Add: No12, Gat Lebuh Acheh,George Town, Malaysia
Tel: +60 16-411 7570
FB: Kitchen 寿司厨房 @ Farlim
Add: No.11B,MEDAN ANGSANA 1,BANDAR BARU 11500 AYER ITAM, Penang, Malaysia
Tel: 016-471 2591
FB: Kitchen 寿司厨房 @ Alor Setar
Add: 112-E, Tingkat Bawah, Jalan Kampung Perak, 05100, Alor Setar Malaysia
Tel: 011-10837107
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