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Hari Raya Special: Homemade Vegan All-purpose Sambal Chilli

Homemade All-purpose Sambal Chilli


Celebrating Ramadhan and Hari Raya

Our Muslim friends are in the month of fasting now. So, by wishing Salam Ramadhan and

Selamat Hari Raya to them, I am gonna share with you guys, Malaysian’s favorite sauce of all time,


Learn How To Make Your Own Homemade Super Irresistible

Vegan All-Purpose Sambal Chilli!

Do you ever heard of  sambal, sambal chilli, chilli boh, chilli paste, hot sauce,

sambal sauce, puree chilli paste, spicy chilli sauce and sambal chilli paste.

YES! All of these are called  SAMBAL!

Sambal is a Malay word, and it is called  sambel  in Indonesia.

Sambal is a spicy condiment chilli based sauce. It is so popular across Southeast Asia,

especially Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and Indonesia.

There are more than 300 variations of sambal.

And it is a favorite condiment for almost every household here in Malaysia.

One of the sambal variation is Sambal Belacan, and of course,

I already made our very first Veganlogy Sambal Belacan Recipe  for our readers!

Sambal is definitely irresistible for hot and spicy lovers.

Especially when we are having Nasi Lemak, laksa, curry, or fried kuay teow,

adding sambal is a must!

However, most of the sambals are NOT VEGAN, because of containing shrimps or fish sauce.

So, the easiest way to have vegan sambal is………Do It Yourself.

All purpose sambal, sambal chilli, chilli boh, chilli paste, hot sauce, sambal sauce, puree chilli paste, spicy chilli sauce and sambal chilli paste
Homemade Vegan All-purpose Sambal Chilli

Vegan Sambal

Typically, the basic sambal chilli sauce consists of ground or pured chilies and may include

small amounts of ingredients such as dried chili, shallots, garlic, salt, sugar or some other spices.

The best sambal is actually came from chilli paste (chilli boh) making a good and traditional

sambal chilli yet isn’t an easy job for everyone. Preparing sambal by using granite mortar pestle

to grind all the chillies ingredients is a traditional way of doing it.vegan smile

 Yet , these days, electric grinders and food processors like vitamix (my favorite machine),

take their place for easier job in kitchen.

The chilli paste ground up and can be added to soups, laksa noodle dishes, curry, marinades etc.

The chilli paste was very spicy but had wonderful flavor.

My family love the combination of the spicy with belacan, torch ginger flavor with ground peanut.

This sambal chilli goes well with a lot of different dishes !!

I am looking forward to try some new chilli paste and

I am so thankful to Mr.Tay from Singapore who is willing to share this

vegan sambal chilli paste recipe to thousands of Veganlogy’s readers …vegan smile

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sambal, sambal chilli, chilli boh, chilli paste, hot sauce, sambal sauce, puree chilli paste, spicy chilli sauce and sambal chilli paste
Vegan Sambal chilli paste Ingredients

Special Notes for Vegan Sambal

*For the non Buddhist you can add onion, shallots and garlic this is the basic homemade

sambal chilli paste.

*It is very flexible, adjust to suit your recipe.

*If you like a spicier version, add more chillies (or substitute with spicier chilli such

as Bird’s Eye Chilli), and less sugar.

*If you like a sweeter version, add more coconut palm sugar or brown sugar.

*If you prefer a sour version, add more rice vinegar or vinegar or lime or lemon or asam jawa.

So, you can follow my recipe at the very first time, and you may adjust the amount of ingredients

according to you and your family preference. After that, don’t forget to share with our readers

about your success SAMBAL story.

Homemade All-purpose Sambal Chilli


500 gm Dried chilli -soak in warm water

500 gm Fresh Red Chillies (or for more spicy you can use half red chillies & half red bird’s eye chillies)

500 gm Old ginger

300 gm Blue ginger or Galangal

50 gm Fresh Turmeric

300 gm Candle nuts

12 pieces Pandan leaves(Pandanus amaryllifolius) cut into 2 inchi

6 stalks Lemon grass cut into slices

Natural sea salt, coconut palm sugar,seasoning to your taste.


1.Soak dried chili till softened (for about 4 hours or more with warm water, do not use hot water)

2.Cut the pandan leaves into 2 inch long also cut the lemon grass into small slices, keep aside.

3.Add all soaked chilies, fresh chillies, ginger, blue ginger , turmeric, candle nuts into
vita max add some oil blend till smooth.
*if you use mortal and portal no oil is added ground all into paste.*

4.Preheat frying wok with add in 1/2 kg or more cooking oil
in wok with added pandan leave and slices of lemon grass,keep on frying until fragrant
about 10-15 minutes in low medium heat.

5.Sift the oil ,removed the pandan leaves and lemon grass,
keep the lemon grass oil into a stainless steel bowl.

6.Add about 4 cups or more lemon grass oil into the wok.
The more oil added so that you won’t burn the chili paste.
Stir in all blended chili mixture and keep on stirring over medium heat
about 25-30 mins or until chili mixture turned dark red color.

You need a to have a some patience 🙂

Homemade All-purpose Sambal Chilli
Homemade All-purpose Sambal Chilli

7.Slowly add in sea salt, brown sugar, veggie seasoning to your taste.
Then let cooked chili paste cool to room temperature,
divide into 4 portions in glass jars and keep refrigerated, for storage keep frozen for months.

Homemade All-purpose Sambal Chilli 3

8.**You can add more brown sugar, vinegar till you are satisfied that it has that
“sweet/sour ” taste to your own palate’s liking.
1. For making nasi lemak sambal add more palm sugar here.
2. For Laksa :- 1 cup off chilli paste with added coconut milk.
3. For Sambal belacan with added vegan belacan and torch ginger flower and tamarind pulp (asam jawa).

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