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Grosvenor Momordica & Ogo Seaweed Sugar Free Dessert

This is a wonderful Natural Vegan Collagen ‘n also a Sugar Free dessert for DIABETES.

Grosvenor Momordica fruit belonging to cucurbitaceae a kind of perennial plant with old root and herbal stem, planted mainly in Guilin, Guangxi in China for more than two hundred years .Most People in China named * The Wonderful Fruit in the Orient * According to Chinese pharmacology.It is sweet and cool.It can relieve heat and cool blood .

Grosvenor Momordica Fruit ,best cough medicine drink,sore-throat,swelling good for lubricate the lung.According to the modern medicinal researches,It contains rich glucoside which is three hundred times sweeter than sugar cane, a natural sweetness.Rich in Vitamin Cso as to resist against aging,cancers, lower blood lipids, constipation,lose weight with low heat capacity,and beauty your skin complexion.It can also lower blood sugar and treat diabetes without adverse reaction.


1 Big size Grosvenor Momordica Fruit break into small pieces

10  Red dates -pitted

1.5 liter pure water

Add all the above into a big pot boil under medium low heat for 1 hour .

Lets is totally Cold down ,keep in fridge or cooked it over night.

15 gm of dry Ogo seaweed (soaked overnight ) Drain ogo and rinse under cold running water.

Pls Note *

The Ogo seaweed will dissolved when the syrup drink is hot !! If you want to seal in flavor and crunchiness add your Ogo seaweed when syrup drink is cold.

Best to Serve Cold .

Enjoy here another Sugar free Dessert.


1 whole Big size Grosvenor Momordica Fruit brake into small pieces

10-15 pitted Red dates

20 gm Ginkgo Nuts ( removed the shell and skin)-rinsed

50 gm dry longan

50 gm Dry Ogo seaweed (soaked over night)Drain ogo and rinse under cold running water.

1.5 liter pure water

3  Pandan leaves -knotted

In a  pot add in water pandan leaves,.Grosvenor Momordica Fruit, red dates,ginkgo nuts  bring to boil cook over medium heat for 30 minutes.

Lastly add dry longon cook for another 20 minutes.Add your ogo when the dessert totally cold down.

Serve Cold .

Grosvenor Momordica Fruit (Luo Han Guo )Red Dates,Longan all contain natural sweetness NO Sugar was added !

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