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Golden Bean Curd Rolls


Golden Bean Curd Rolls
Golden Bean Curd Rolls


8 pieces of fresh beans curd sheet

4 pieces noni sheet cut into 1/2

5-6 france beans or you can use long beans cut int0 2-3 inch long

some shredded carrot

1/2 pkt enoki mushroom (or you can use shiitake mushroom soak and shredded)

some shredded Kelp

sea salt and pepper 

tomato and coriander leaves for garnish

sweet chilli sauce for dipping


1.Lay out a bean curd sheet sprinkle some salt, dash of pepper, lay a piece of  noni seaweeds on top (cut as same as the bean curd size.)

2.Add a little of each veggie ingredients above and rolls them up from the corner nearest until the filling is enclosed in the sheet, just like spring rolls. To help them to sealed , i use a tooth pick end of the edge sheet. Roll up the rolls  and set aside.

3.Heat oil in non stick pan  in medium heat,place the beans curd rolls on the pan ,fry until slightly browned,turn over the other side and fry again until golden browned and totally cooked.( You can dip fry but is too oily ……)

4.Before serving removed the toothpick and cut into 3 small pieces.For dipping serve with sweet chilli sauce .



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