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Fresh Coconut Raw Herbs with Genmai Brown Rice

Fresh Coconut Raw Herbs with Brown Rice
Fresh Coconut Raw Herbs with Brown Rice


2 cups Genmai brown rice

2 cups water

1/2 teaspoon salt

2 stalks pandan leaves, forked through and knotted

Some White Sesame seeds sprinkles on rice.


All kinds of mixed Herb from my Garden

(you can use variety of raw herbs you have )

Thai Basil leaves

Mints leaves

Sand ginger leaves (kaempferia galanga linn)

Ulam Raja ( King of salad )

Daun Sirih (popohan)

Raw Wild Ginseng (Talium paniculatum)

Turmeric leaves

Fresh Polygonum Leaves


2 Organic long beans -diced

Some alfalfa sprouts (or Raw bean sprouts )

Some shredded cucumber

2-3   Bird Green or Red chilli -diced

1 stalk touch ginger flower -diced

Toasted Almonds (Any Nuts )soaked almonds overnight

2-3  Lime juice

Grated fresh coconut OR

(You can heated on the pan fry the coconut until edge turn brown)

I prefer fresh white coconut .



1. Wash and drain genmai brown rice. Place in rice in cooker with water

(or fresh coconut milk ) Stir well to mix through and add the teaspoon of salt.

Top with the knotted pandan leaves. It helps to release the fragrance in rice.

2. Prepare rice as usual. Keep warm.


3.Wash and sliced all herbs leaves thinly.

4.Combine all the ingredient and mix well with rice,serve with chilli on top,

squeeze lime juice over the rice .

5.You can also complete your raw mixed herbs meal with spicy Vegan sambal belacan or

Vegan mixed veggie curry

Veganlogy Banana flower curry

Vegan Petai sambal belacan.

Enjoy !!




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