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The Fruit With Snake Skin – SALAK

Snake Fruit / Snakeskin Fruit Introducing - The Fruit With Snake Skin - SALAK and it's benefits   Salak Health Benefits SALAK (蛇皮果), also known as snake fruit or snakeskin fruit, due to the reddish-brown scaly rough skin, closely resemble the reptile skin. It is so famous in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, and Philippines. They are about

MASSIMO – VEGAN BREAD BRAND 100 % Whole Wheat Loaf

This is absolutely a great news for Veganlogy's Malaysia Vegan Fans. Vegan Bread Brand - MASSIMO sandwich loaf with wheat germ. A brand new bread in Malaysia, Massimo. Still is a all new brand ! Massimo is by The Italian Baker Sdn. Bhd, The Italian Baker Sdn. Bhd. wholly owned subsidiary of

A Miracle Plant *ALOE VERA *

 Aloe-Vera Plant in My Organic Garden (updated 25.07.2012) I have grown Aloe Vera plant in my garden yard for nearly 15 years~~~ Aleo-Vera Gel- Aloe Vera is truly an amazing and miracle plant !! (mostly healing and moisturising) ALOE VERA FOREVER !!! Aloe Vera is an effective herb to prevent different forms of cancer such as skin

Caring For Your Teeth with Vegan Toothpaste

  At here, I share with you some brands of toothpastes that I found at India Shop/market ,which is either Vegetarian or Vegan. Sadly the major brands of toothpaste usually contain non vegetarian ingredients, such shell fish. I have also been told some contain crushed animal bones ash and other animal

Treasure Under The Sea – KELP

Benefits of KELP Kelps grow in underwater "forests" (known as kelp forests) in shallow oceans. Kelp is a variety of seaweed (algae) that can be found on rocky shores throughout the world. Therefore, we called it the "Treasure Under The Sea". The plant can grow as much as two feet per day, ultimately