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Two Ouick Ways Tortilla Wraps

Two Ouick Ways Tortilla Wraps

  These wraps are super easy to make and you can combine them any way you want.  1st recipe Ingredients: 1 pkt mission tortilla Fresh organic lettuce 1 cucumber- Julienne 1 carrot-Julienne Jicama -shredded 1 pkt raw enoki mushroom stems removed and properly cleaned of any dirt some raisins Method: 1.Heat nonstick pan, but do not put any oil in it. When heated,

Thai Basil Oyster Mushroom Vegan Fritters

    Ingredients :~ 1 cup shredded cabbage 1 cup shredded carrot 1 medium potato-shredded 150 gm oyster mushroom - cut into small pieces some coriander-chopped Handful thai basil leaves ~ chopped (My family love Thai basil, so i added more for this recipe, depend on how much you like this herb.) 1 green chilli ~ dice 1 1/2 cups

Pan Fried Black Sesame Sweet Potato Rice Cake

  Ingredients: 50 gm sweet potato (steam and mashed)Steam the potato cubes for about 20 minutes. 80 gm Pure filter water 50 gm coconut milk 40 gm hot water 200 gm glutinous rice flour 1-2 tbsp organic coconut oil ( optional ) Ingredients for Black Sesame Paste filing 1 1/2 cup black sesame powder 1/2 cup coconut sugar to your

Steamed Gluten Free Chinese Pumpkin Kuih “金瓜糕”

  This is a very Famous Chinese Steamed Golden Pumpkin Kuih in Malaysia Chinese named it , "金瓜糕". Chinese will serve this Golden pumpkin kuih and steamed yam Kuih during CNY or celebration party and considering the nice golden pumpkin color in the kuih, it looks auspicious. :)   This also a gluten free

Steamed Glutinous Pumpkin Dumplings

  Steamed Glutinous Pumpkin Dumplings Steamed Dumpling or Bangkuang kuih. A famous Chinese Hakka Soon kuih, is one of my family favorite kuih !!! Chinese Dumplings or steamed kuih is a Southeast Asian Chinese people typical morning and afternoon snack. This snack is very popular among the Teochew and Hakka - a simple, steamed Jicama