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Raw Papaya Ogo Seaweed Salad

  Ingredients: 50 gm Ogo seaweed-Soaked overnight 1 1/2 cup unripe papaya-shredded 3 tbsp Goji berries 3 pieces Honey dew melon 1 tsp Organic miso 1 tsp Black sesame oil 2 tbsp Lime juice 1 tbsp Agave Nectar 1/2 tsp tamarind 1 slice Fresh Ginger- Finely chopped 1/4 tsp Organic chilli flake Method: 1. Soaked the dried ogo seaweed in filter water overnight. 2. Wash under the runing tap water for 3 -4 times.Drain cut into small

Green Papaya-Jack fruit Salad

Thai Green Papaya Mango Salad

Ingredients: 1 small Green papaya-shredded 2 pulp Jack fruit- cut into strips 1 small Green Mango-not to ripe one,shredded 1/2 Carrot-shredded 1 Red bird's eye chilli-cut small pieces 1 Green bird's eye chilli- cut small pieces 1 leaf Iceburges Lettuce 2 tbsp Roasted Peanuts 1 piece crispy soy nugget-cut into to small pieces 1 medium Onion-cut into strips Dressing:- 1 tbsp  bragg fluid aminos 1/2 tsp Natural Sea Salt 1/2 piece Lemon juice or 3 lime juice 1/2

Kaiso-Goji Berries- Burdock Salad

Green apple-Goji -Sea grass Kaiso Salad

  Kaiso-Crystal Seaweed or Raw sea grass. Gratitude a gift from Taiwan friend ,which i can't get this in my country. A simple>Easy Appetizer salad for lunch today . Ingredients: 1 bowl of Raw Sea Grass Kaiso or (Crystal Seaweed ) 1/2 cup Goji Berries 1 Green or Red Apple cut into slices 1/2 cup Pickle Burdock with the

Raw Vegan Energy Salad

Raw Vegan Energy Meal "Raw Vegan Energy Salad + Raw Vegan Energy Balls" Proudly present, Veganlogy's Energizer - Raw Vegan Energy Meal! Delicious + Nutrition + Sugar Free + Raw + Vegan + Fat Free In order to prepare this RAW VEGAN ENERGY MEAL, all you have to do is just add up all the

Ulam Raja & Goji Berries Raw Salad

Easy RAW Salad - Pear, Ulam Raja and Goji Berries veganlogy

ULAM RAJA - The King's Salad Ulam raja, literally meaning "the King's salad". Ulam, is actually a Malay word used to describe a preparation that combines food, medicine and beauty is the widely popular Malay herbal salad. And Raja means King. So, as most of people will translate ULAM RAJA directly

Raw Ogo Seaweed Pear Salad

Ingredients: 60 gm Ogo seaweed (soaked overnight) Drain Ogo and rinse under cold running water 2 Pears cut and cube 4 cherry tomatoes cut half some chopped cilantro 1 small red chili finely chopped 1 tsp finely grated fresh ginger 1/2 lemon juice 1/2 tsp rice vinegar or any fruits enzyme vinegar of choice pinch of sea salt 1/2 agave

Pear Lychees Goji Berries Salad

Ingredients: 2 Pears cube 1 cup fresh Lychees -pitted 3 -4 whole leaves organic Purple radicchio 3 leaves organic lettuce cut into small pieces 1/2 shredded organic carrot 1/2 shredded organic beet root 3 tbsp Goji berries 'n cranberries Dressing: 2 tbsp of lemon juice & rinds 1/2 tsp organic chilli powder 1 1/2 tbsp nutritional yeast 1/2 tsp Rice vinegar OR 1