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Vegan Oishii Snowman Sushi

Vegan Oishii Snowman Sushi

 Celebrate This Christmas With Snowman Sushi         May the Joy, Love and Peace of Christmas be with you all through the Year. Wishing you all a season of blessings from heaven . Happy Merry Christmas Everyone from Veganlogy ! Delight this adorable vegan oishii snowman sushi to your family and friends ! Every part

Raw Okra Vegan Sushi

Vegan Sushi Again  This is another Homemade Organic Vegan Sushi. Love Raw Okra in my Sushi. Looking for other sushi recipes? These are 2 of my favourites sushi. Chee Cheong Fun – Rice Noodle Sushi Rolls Raw Kombu Sushi Rolls Looking for Japanese restaurant? Yeah, if you are in Malaysia or planning to visit Malaysia,

Raw Kombu Sushi Rolls

Raw Kombu Sushi Roll with purple sauce

    Ingredients: 2 lager pieces kombu (kelp) Raw Veggie for Wrap: Cucumber -strips Jicama -strips Fresh lettuce Carrot -shredded Green long beans Artemisia capillaris thumb Fresh fennel bulb-shredded Pickled  ginger Toasted white sesame seeds *** Dipping Sauce : 1/4 pc red dragon fruit 1 passion fruit pulp 1/2 tsp tamari 1/4 tsp ground pepper 1 tbsp pumpkin seeds 1 tbsp pine nuts 1 lime juice 1  tsp wasabi or more sea salt to

Chee Cheong Fun – Rice Noodle Sushi Rolls

    Ingredients: 15  pcs ready make chee cheong fun ( rice noddle sheets) 8 pieces of  nori sheets wrap (cut into half ) 1 big  jicama shredded 1 carrot shredded 1 small cabbage shredded 20 gm black fungus (soaked -drained - cut thinly) 5 piece dry shitake mushroom (soaked -drained-cut thinly) 1 fresh lettuce 1 cucumber shredded some coriander 1/2  salt to

Raw Ogo Seaweed Nori Sushi

  A. Raw Organic Veggie sushi Ingredients: 1 pkt of Nori sheets 1 Carrot shredded 1/4 Jicama shredded 1 Mango strips 30 gm Ogo seaweeds soaked 50 gm White cabbage shredded 1/2 Japanese cucumber strips 1/2 Raw Sechiumedule  strips All ingredients wraps in Nori sheet. Serve with Tamari . * B. Organic Red Rice sushi Ingredients: 2 bowls of cooked Organic mixed Red Rice

I love Onigiri

I love Onigiri because it is easy to make and nutritious! Cook 2 cups of Five gains brown riceFor filling :Diced some raw corn, carrot, cucumber, kelp, asparagus or any veggie you love.add  1 tsp of sea saltor 1 tsp of misoORadd this miso-burdock in your Onigirimiso-burdock-and-black-fungus Method:Cook steamed multi-grains brown rice. Put about