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Wax Apples, Red Dragon Fruit Mixed Fruits Jam

  I couldn’t figured out go wrong if I combined wax apples, dragon fruit, pineapple to make the ultimate fruits jam. Is so surprise my family and friends love this unique fruits jam! Red dragon fruits turn the jam beautiful dark red color. The color of the red dragon fruits is 100% natural

Valentine’s Vegan Heart Shaped Cookies

    A valentine is a gift from the heart, There's nothing like a valentine's day, To make a lovely smile appear, A heart-shaped cookies filled with thousand words, Sent to someone who's Love. Who takes the time to say, ~I love you ~ Happy Valentine's Day my sweet heart !!   -Valentine LOVE Vegan Heart Shaped Cookies just for You- Prepare

Vegan Roselle Pineapple Jam

    This is quite popular among Chinese, we called this 玫瑰茄 or 洛神花. is also known as Hibiscus Sabdariffa, is a species of Hibiscus. Visit here more about Roselle-Tons of Natural Health Benefits Visit the morning market today and bought fresh organic roselle, is about Rm 7 .oo per kg. There are 2 types of roselle

Thanksgiving Special: Vegan Pumpkin Kaya

vegan pumpkin kaya

Thanksgiving Special: Vegan Pumpkin Kaya A meaningful day. Thanksgiving Day is celebrated each year on the fourth Thursday of November in the United States, and following by Black Friday, which traditionally the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. Traditionally, people will add turkey and pumpkin in their thanksgiving dinner menu. And we

ROSELLE – RUBY of the Plant Kingdom

ROSELLE is ruby of the plant kingdom

ROSELLE - TONS OF NATURAL HEALTH BENEFITS! This is quite popular among Chinese 玫瑰茄 or 洛神花 we called this Roselle is also known as Hibiscus Sabdariffa, is a species of Hibiscus.  We, Veganlogy always promote the way of vegan by showing you natural health benefits of food, especially Medicinal and Edible foods. And, Roselle is one

Homemade Passion Fruit ‘N Pineapple Jam

  This is A Great recipe when you have a glut of Passionfruit Love to add passion fruit in to my pineapple jam. Ingredients: 1 whole Pineapple cut into 1/2 I use only 1/2 of  it ( you can use the whole pineapple and double passion fruits pulp/sugar in your recipe) 8-10 Passion fruits Pulp 1/2 pkt