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Bean Sprouts, Banana Smoothie with Flaxseed


Make yourself a cup of smoothie by mixing Bean Sprouts with Banana and Flaxseed.

Grow your own mung bean sprouts in recycle steamer.

home grow bean sprouts

How to sprout Mung Beans-

1. Soak organic mung beans over night- for 8 hours with Pure filter water.

2. Drain the mung beans and place them in your steamer, cover the lid.

3. The next day the beans will swell. Sprinkle water frequently.

4. 2nd DAY~Always check the sprouts in a day and sprinkle with pure filter water twice a day.

5. After 3 days you will see beautiful sprouts.

6.These bean sprouts stay fresh in the fridge for upto 1-2 days. So you could keep them in the fridge after they have sprouted, if you do not intend to use them on the same day.

Fresh Organic mung bean sprouts after 3 days !!


Blend fresh bean sprouts in your morning smoothies.Banana beans sprout smoothies


Banana beans sprout smoothie


Banana, Bean Sprouts Smoothie


1.One Ripe banana

2.Two Kiwi

3.Organic Pepper cabbage

4.Some fresh mung bean sprouts

5.1 tsp Golden flax seeds

6.Fresh coconut water.

Place all in Vita-Max blender and blend until smooth.Banana beans sprout smoothie





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