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What Does 31 August Mean To You?

Blue Moon 31 August 2012

Blue Moon Friday

Blue Moon 31 August 2012
TONIGHT! Blue Moons are uncommon, occurring about once every 2½ years.

“Once in a blue moon”. Today is the day.

The moon actually won’t be colored blue. Sadly, blue moon is only a term. The term “blue moon” comes from folklore. Modern interpretation of Blue Moon is “Two full moons in one month“.

Real Visibly Blue Moon

According to Nasa, The key to a blue moon is having in the air lots of particles slightly wider than the wavelength of red light (0.7 micron) – and no other sizes present. Ash and dust clouds thrown into the atmosphere by fires and storms usually contain a mixture of particles with a wide range of sizes, with most smaller than 1 micrometre, and they tend to scatter blue light. This kind of cloud makes the moon turn red; thus red moons are far more common than blue moons. Volcanic ash and forest fires can turn the moon blue. So, if you are nearby, remember to take a photo for us.

Moon and Neil Armstrong

Neil-Armstrong-younger age
Neil Armstrong

Talking about moon, the first idea that flash into my mind is the first man who walk on the moon – Neil Armstrong.

August is the month of his destiny. Moon is the icon of his fate. He born on August 5, 1930 and died on August 25, 2012, at the age of 82. Coincidence? Fate? Destiny? R.I.P.

His famous quote: “That’s one small step for [a] man, one giant leap for mankind.”

Neil Armstrong and Barack Obama
Neil Armstrong and US President Barack Obama


National Day of Malaysia

To all Malaysian, this is a very meaningful day. It is our National Day. 2012, we celebrate the 55th anniversary of Independence Day. Merdeka is a Malay word which means Independence.

The theme for this year is 55 Years of Independence: Promises Fulfilled (55 Tahun Merdeka: Janji Ditepati).


merdeka- Independence day of Malaysia 31.08.1957
merdeka- Independence day of Malaysia 31.08.1957


Hungry Ghost Festival 盂兰盆节/中元节

31.08.2012, today, is the 15th night of the seventh lunar month. In Chinese tradition, the seventh month of Chinese lunar calendar is called Ghost Month, in which ghosts and spirits, including those of the deceased ancestors, come out from the lower realm (underworld).   Activities during the month would include preparing ritualistic food offerings (often vegetarian meals), burning incense, and burning joss paper, a papier-mâché form of material items such as clothes, gold, luxury car, and other fine goods for the visiting spirits of the ancestors.

papier-mâché Iphone 4s
Papier-mâché version of Iphone 4s
Getai in Singapore malaysia at night hungry ghost festival
Getai in Singapore malaysia at hungry ghost festival. Seats at front row are reserved for ghosts.


In Singapore and Malaysia, concert-like performances are a prominent feature of the Ghost Festival. This LIVE shows are popularly known as Getai 七月歌台, performed by groups of singers, dancers, and entertainers on a temporary stage at night. The shows are always put on at night and at high volumes as the sound is believed to attract and please the ghosts.

Friendly reminder: If you visit Malaysia or Singapore during this month, and you can see Getai are everywhere. Please do not seat the “front row”, as these are reserved for ghosts.


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