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Happy Vegan Trip In TAIWAN


~Hi …hello vegan~ Veganlogy Dear Friends !!

AM back again after 1  month++ever longest press trip to Taiwan !!

Welcome… vegan hugs …all lovely Veganlogy reader,visitor new and old followers .Wishing You all have a Beautiful  fabulous week-end !!

Sharing you my Happy Vegan trip in Taiwan .


Taiwan a vibrant capital,with natural wonders ,is a  beautiful island filled with great friendly people, abundant delicious Vegan /Vegetarian food ,incredible tea ‘n coffee .During my one month time in Kaohsiung Taiwan ,I have really come to love this island with amazing and delicious vegan food culture here.

You can find easily Vegan foods in Taiwan is really cheap.  We self-cater lots of fresh exotic fruits, dark red wax apples (Jambu)so sweet and crispy,red guava, lychee,love the juicy crispy pineapple too with a pleasant aroma.ho…ho….love all  !! variety of tasty snacks, street foods, from numerous grocery stores and night markets .

Taiwan cities have majority of vegan /vegetarian restaurants .If you’re looking for the Pure VEGAN then ~LOVING HUT~ is the best choice. Food is really cheap in terms of price, certainly cheaper than Western vegan/vegetarian restaurants but excellent in terms of quality . ~LOVING HUT ,Chinese name”愛家”~ is a chain of VEGAN Restaurants and part of a larger international chain of Vegan Restaurants run by followers of the Supreme Master Ching Hai. LOVING HUT use the products, which are made from (GM free) ingredients by their own factory .If you are pure Vegan make sure saved in all the LOVING HUT addresses in your PC, so that you can find the nearest Loving Hut branch and enjoy your delicious vegan meal ! Off course not just only LH , you can enjoy for much more  amazing street food ,Taiwanese famous stinky tofu stalls, desserts, mochi etc.


No.115 Taishan Road, Yilan City

Yilan Country 260 Taiwan.

(03) 932-6724


~Good Morning breakfast Menu on Board~

–  Famous Pan-fry Dumplings ~

Famous Pan-fry Dumplings

Another Loving Hut at Taishan Road

Loving hut Taishan Road

14, Taishan Road
Yilan Taiwan 260



Wednesday Off

Loving Hut Taishan Road

The highest building in Kaohsiung –  85 Sky Tower

The highest building in Kaohsiung -  85 Sky Tower
The highest building in Kaohsiung – 85 Sky Tower


Kaohsiung's  MRT
Kaohsiung’s MRT


Awesome Steel & Iron Sculpture art on wall  station.Kaohsiung's  MRT
Awesome Steel & Iron Sculpture art on wall station.Kaohsiung’s MRT

Awesome Steel & Iron Sculpture art on wall station.Kaohsiung’s  MRT (high speech rail )is an an important part of Kaohsiung’s recent transformation from what should be expected of the city at the heart of the country’s petrochemical industry ,a very pleasant city where I live.

~Beautiful Chinese Painting on Oil-paper umbrella ~
~Beautiful Chinese Painting on Oil-paper umbrella ~

~Beautiful Chinese Painting on Oil-paper umbrella ~

Oil-paper umbrella is a kind of paper umbrella originated in China. It spread across Taiwan,Japan,Korea,Vietnam,Thailand and Loas.People in these countries have further developed the oil paper umbrella with different characteristics.

In Chinese religious celebrations, oil-paper umbrellas are often seen on the sacred sedan chairs as cover, used to shelter people from rain and sunlight, also to drive the evil spirits away.

Now modern days, Oil-Paper Umbrellas are mostly sold as works of  Art or Souvenirs.


~~LOVING HUT Kaohsiung ~~
~~LOVING HUT Kaohsiung ~~

~~LOVING HUT Kaohsiung ~~

283,Jhongshang 1st Rd.SinSing District.

Kaohsiung City,Taiwan.

11.00 am-8.00 pm

Saturday till 8.30

~~LOVING HUT Kaohsiung ~~
~~LOVING HUT Kaohsiung ~~

Amazing delicious Vegan food of~ Loving Hut Kaohsiung ~

~~LOVING HUT Kaohsiung ~~Vegan cheese cake
~~LOVING HUT Kaohsiung ~~Vegan cheese cake
Vegan Sweet & Sour Soybean Nugget
Vegan Sweet & Sour Soybean-non GMO Nugget
Beautiful Pumpkin Handcraft in Yam Bird Nest
Beautiful Pumpkin Handcraft in Yam Bird Nest

Beautiful Pumpkin Lotus craft

Stir fried veggie Noddles
Stir fried veggie Noddles
Sweet Sour Pineapple Tomato Vegan Chicken nuggets
Beautiful Radish craft~

~ Beautiful Radish craft~

Vegan Soup~ Sorry I forgot the actual name this soup 🙁
Dip Fried Vegan Shrimp


Pickled with Ham


Loving Hut special ~raw mixed vegan salad i love most !!

This is raw mixed vegan salad i love most !!


Specially Thanks Friend Sis in Kaohsiung cooked all Delicious Vegan food and love this yummy raw Sea grass Kaiso or (Crystal Seaweed )salad !

You loveeee and enjoy all wonderful Vegan desserts and snack of  Taiwan

More Photos !

Pan-Fried Steam Buns

Super yummy Pan-Fried Steam Buns… –Loving food training in Taiwan!!

The Grand Hotel-Kaohsiung

The Grand Hotel-Kaohsiung  (圓山大飯店)
The Grand Hotel-Kaohsiung

~Beautiful Chinese classical building~ The Grand Hotel Kaohsiung during night time .

It is located 30 minutes from the airport and is next to the Chengching Lake or 20 minutes from Kaohsiung train station and the zhuoying station of high speech rail.

The Grand Hotel is a sister hotel of the main Grand Hotel in Taipei City.

The Taipei Grand Hotel 

Sharing some beautiful flowers ‘n flowers Gardens In Taiwan

white rose
WOwwww….These small white rose plant cost 10 thousand ( About Malaysia Ringgit 1 Thousand ) !!!
Anyone wanna to buy this ???




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