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Vegan vs. Vegetarian (VvV)

The word ‘vegetarian’ is derived from the Latin word vegetus meaning ‘whole, sound, fresh or lively’, and its original meaning implies a balanced philosophical and moral sense of life apart from a diet of vegetables and fruits.
A vegetarian is one who does not eat meat, fish and poultry.
A vegan is a vegetarian who refrains from consuming all animal products including milk, cheese, eggs, wool, silk and leather.

For your information, vegan is a type of vegetarian. In other words, vegan is the purest vegetarian.

There are a few types of vegetarians:

  • Vegan – eats food of plant origin only
  • Ovo vegetarian – eats eggs but no dairy products, meat, fish or poultry
  • Ovo-lacto vegetarian – eats eggs and dairy products but no meat, fish or poultry
  • Lacto vegetarian – eats dairy products but no eggs, meat, fish or poultry
  • Pesco vegetarian – eats fish but no meat or poultry (controversial)
  • Pollo vegetarian – eats poultry but no meat or fish (controversial)

So, this is the reason why many vegans when they go to vegetarian restaurant, they will ask “no egg? no milk? no honey? ….”

Because vegan most pure. If they break the rule, maybe they will be caught by Vegan Police. After that, they lost all their power. (just kidding)

So of my friends say, “Vegan can save more money, because meats today full of chemical and hormones is horrible ! Organic Veggie did not contains  any pesticide that we can save for our health” and also….

Organic Veganism Way is the best solution to stop Global warming!!

Recently, I found that a lot of people are going for organic foods. But bear in mind, there are also non-vegan organic foods.


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From Crisis to Peace.

The organic way is the answer!

World Vegan ! World  Peace !







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