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Vegan Sambal Tumis Belacan

Hi Everyone!

I’m here sharing another vegan sambal recipe ~I was very curious and apprehensive about how this combination would turn turns out definitely good. What’s unique about this chili paste with added Daun kensum~(polygonum leaves) and vegan belacan !

This chilli is tangy, spicy, savoury with a hint of smokiness plus an oomph of flavour and aroma from the toasted belachan. I guarantee you’ll love its tangy spicy savoury flavour. Plus like all fermented foods ~ belachan is great and good for healthy.

Like most Asian cooking cuisine everything’s usually a guesstimate. You can adapt this to become sweeter by adding more coconut sugar or shallots or spicier by adding more chilis or use birds’ eye chills, more pungent by adding more garlic, but for me, this recipe ~ tangy and aroma of duan kensum included is pretty much my definite vegan sambal tumis.

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Vegan sambal tumis
Vegan Sambal Tumis Belacan
Sambal and Birds Eye Chili Pepper
Sambal and Bird’s Eye Chili Pepper


Sambal Tumis Belacan with added Lime
Sambal and Bird's Eye Chili
Sambal Tumis Belacan ,Bird’s Eye Chili ,Lime.












500 gm Dried chillies

100 gm Blue ginger or Galangal

3 stalk Tourch ginger flowers

6 stalks Lemon grass

2 tbsp Vegan belacan (baked)to your taste

1 tsp Natural sea salt to your taste

1 tsp Veggie/Mushroom seasoning

1 tbsp Coconut palm sugar

150 gm Tamarind pulp (asam jawa)add 1/2 cup water to made tamarind juice

Handful of Daun kensum

1 bowl Pandan, lemon Grass oil


Vegan smabal Tumis Belacan

1.Soak dried chili till softened (about 4 hours or more with warm water

2.Add all soaked chilies, ginger, blue ginger, daun kesum, tourch ginger flowers,

lemon grass, vegan belacan into vita max add some oil blend till smooth.

*if you use mortal and portal no oil is added ground all into paste.*

3.Add about 1 cup or more lemon grass oil into the wok.
The more oil added so that you won’t burn the chili paste.
Stir in all blended chili mixture and add in tamarind juice keep on stirring over
medium heat about 25-30 mins , add in coconut sugar keep on stirring.
The sambal will turn a deeper red and you’ll see the oil oozing from it.
You need a to have a some patience 🙂

4.Lastly add sea salt, veggie seasoning to your taste.
Then let cooked chili paste cool to room temperature.

*Please use coconut palm sugar that adds an amazing caramel instead of normal white sugar.*

5.Divide into 2 portions in glass jars and keep refrigerated with the layer of oil on top
to keep it from spoiling, or freeze for months in smaller containers.


Sambal With Lime
Sambal With Lime


6.PS~ You can add 1/2 cup of Soya Granules in your ^:^ Sambal Tumis Belacan too ~



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