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Vegan Salted Radish Sambal Belancan

Veganlogy special Homemade Vegan Salted Radish Sambal Belancan!

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salted raddish Sanbal belancan





300 gm Organic Green bird’s eye chilli -from my garden yard.

50 gm Blue ginger or galangal

20 gm Fresh Turmeric

6 Candle nuts

160 gm Vegan belacan made from fermented soya beans.

10 small shallots-Omit shallots if you are buddhism substitute this by 40 gm of mushroom stem.

1/2 cup of water.


1 cup of sunflower cooking oil.

200 gm pkt chopped Salted Pickled Radish- is made from salted and pickled daikon.

160 gm coconut plam sugar or Gula melaka.

1-2 tbsp veggie or mushroom seasoning to your taste.


1. Place all ingredients(A) in vita max blend till smooth.

2.After blend heat pan add the cooking, pour in the (A) chilli paste mixture and ingredients (B) together fry for 10-15 minutes, add more oil if the chilli paste turn dry, cook over medium heat, stirring frequently, do not over burnt the chilli sambal.

3.Then let cooked chili sambal paste cool to room temperature,divide into 3 portions in glass jars and keep refrigerated.

I have a couple chili recipes on the blog already.. ..Chilli sambal is one of my family favorite things in the entire world, and this Spicy Salted Radish Sambal come with the multiple sensations of flavours have some mixture of hot spicy, salty and sometime a little sweet taste is a wonderful spicy condiment that goes well with everything !!

Note: If you eat dishes that use sambal only infrequently, make your first batch with half the amount of ingredients above. Or, make a full batch and share your LOVE!

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Inspirational Vegan Quotes:

“Being Vegan just gives you such great karma.”

Alicia Silverstone




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