Gluten Free Soursop & Roselle Raw Cupcake

Soursop,Roselle Raw Cheese Cupcake

  I love raw cheesecake and decided to try soursop raw cake as cupcakes worked out really well. Today, I’ll make Gluten Free Soursop & Roselle Raw Cupcake! Raw soursop has intense sweet, sour tangy taste to it and when mix with… Continue Reading


Fresh Mint Walnut Vegan Cookies

Green Tea Walnuts Love Cookies

Fresh Mint Walnut Vegan Cookies Mints have spicy taste and invigorating scent, mints is often an ingredient in chocolate, candy, tea, pesto and people also use to made mint soap and essential oil. I love the essential oil from mint… Continue Reading


Mandarin Orange Poppy Seed Muffins

orange poppy seeds vegan muffins

  Chinese New Year is just around the corner, wanted to make something with fruit ! Heres a great new muffin flavour I tried ~Mandarin orange poppy seed muffins~Vegan, low fat, freshly squeezed mandarin orange juice. AND they look absolutely… Continue Reading


Roselle Pineapple Coconut Raw Vegan Cheesecake

Roselle ,Pineapple coconut Raw cheesecake

  I LOVE  my raw vegan cheesecake, especially that zebra technique looks so interesting. I had assumed that there was some intricate skewer work involved in obtaining the zebra pattern. Instead the method was even more fascinating and involved repeatedly… Continue Reading


Raw Moringa Kiwi Vegan Cheesecake

Raw Moringa Kiwi Vegan Cheesecake Featured

  Raw Moringa Kiwi Vegan Cheesecake   Visit more about :– The benefits and Nutrition of ” The Miracle Moringa Tree “ Is the first time i try to use fresh Moringa leave to make a raw cheese cake, the… Continue Reading

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