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Homemade Vegan Pan fried Steamed Pau

  These Pau (Buns) are steam-cooked in water not deep fried, in fact only tiny little bit of oil is used. They are basically the buns with raw veggie pan fried with little water. Try Homemade Vegan Pan fried Steamed Pau!!! Ingredients for the pau dough 500 gm Organic High protein flour 500 gm Organic

Valentine’s Vegan Heart Shaped Cookies

    A valentine is a gift from the heart, There's nothing like a valentine's day, To make a lovely smile appear, A heart-shaped cookies filled with thousand words, Sent to someone who's Love. Who takes the time to say, ~I love you ~ Happy Valentine's Day my sweet heart !!   -Valentine LOVE Vegan Heart Shaped Cookies just for You- Prepare

World Vegan Day Special: Vegan Banana Pumpkin Kaya Pizza

  November is a world wonderful month for all Vegans! Wishing All Vegan Friends round the world “Happy World Vegan Day2014” .Let's celebrate World Vegan Day :) with this special homemade vegan banana pumpkin kaya pizza.   This is a great  taste new  version of Vegan pizza. It's an assortment of wonderfully unique combination flavors ...Banana and