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Valentine’s Vegan Heart Shaped Cookies

    A valentine is a gift from the heart, There's nothing like a valentine's day, To make a lovely smile appear, A heart-shaped cookies filled with thousand words, Sent to someone who's Love. Who takes the time to say, ~I love you ~ Happy Valentine's Day my sweet heart !!   -Valentine LOVE Vegan Heart Shaped Cookies just for You- Prepare

Fresh Mint Walnut Vegan Cookies

Fresh Mint Walnut Vegan Cookies Mints have spicy taste and invigorating scent, mints is often an ingredient in chocolate, candy, tea, pesto and people also use to made mint soap and essential oil. I love the essential oil from mint extract has a nice fresh scent. Mints are one of my favorite

Vegan Cranberries Walnuts Buns

Vegan Cranberries Walnuts Buns

Vegan Cranberries Walnuts Buns (A) 1000 gm Organic Hi Protein Flour (Bread flour) 190 gm Raw Organic Cane Sugar 15 gm Instant Yeast 11 gm Sea Salt 90 gm Vegan Margarine 560 gm water (4 Tbsp water to soak dry cranberries)   (B ) 50 gm Dry Cranberries 15 gm Organic Brown Flaxseeds 20 gm Walnuts. (chopped into small pieces)   Method: Combine all the