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Sugar Free Vegan Coconut Cassava Balls

Sugar Free Vegan Coconut Cassava Balls with Medjool Dates
Sugar Free Vegan Coconut Cassava Balls


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Sugar Free Vegan Coconut Cassava Balls

 Coconut Cassava Balls

Cassava is a very popular ingredient in Malaysia, especially in the making of various kind of kuih and snacks.

Cassava, also known as tapioca (Ubi Kayu) in Malaysia. Cassava is commonly used as thickening agent in cooking. Cassava is a major staple food which is gluten-free and rich in carbohydrates, but poor in protein. If you are cassava lover, then you must consider other food as your source of protein. We recommend you to eat Sugar Free Raw Energy Balls which is made of ingredients with high nutrient and minerals.

There are some cooking methods for cassava. The most common method is by cutting into slices, wedges or strips, then fry it, just like french fries. Malays and Indonesian like to make it into crisps / chips. By adding some curry or chilli powder, these chips or fries become more delicious, especially when the spiciness mixes with its original sweetness.

Another cooking method for cassava is to boil in large blocks until its turned soft. Best to serve with sesame or fresh grated coconut, as a dessert. The taste is either slightly salty or sweet. Usually served with palm sugar syrup, most of the Malays love to eat cassava together with spicy chili dipping sauce and fresh grated coconut.

Like cookies? This is so popular in Malaysia.

Golden Syrup Cornflakes Cookies

I have made a healthy sugar free, gluten free, vegan Coconut Cassava Balls and share to my friends they just  it ! They love the taste of palm sugar! hehe… I told them I didn’t add any palm sugar at all!

The secret  ~ Natural Sweetness of Medjool dates!!senyumkenyit

If you don’t like “Balls”, then you may turn it into “Chunks” (as shown in photo below).

This method is simply done with pandan leaves casing, which I have shown in Purple Coconut Yam Kuih recipe.

If you are a kuih lover, then you must not miss this.

Vegan Nyonya Kuih ~ Purple Coconut Yam Kuih

It is another recipe of my own creation. Must try yeah!

Both of these kuih / snacks can be wrapped in pandan leaves casing.

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Quick > Simple >Easy > Healthy > Sugar free Recipe !


400 gm Cassava-peeled

10-15 pieces Medjool Dates-pitted and chopped into small pieces

1 cup fresh grated coconut


1. First peel the cassava. Washed and cut into 5 inch pieces in length and
approximate 1/2 inch thick.
This will require a sharp knife as the outer skin is pretty thick.

2.Place cassava pieces into boiling water and cook for 10 to 15 minutes to soften.

3.Remove when just starting to be fork-tender OR use a steamer to steam until is totally soften .

4.Mash the cassava and add in chopped medjool dates and 1/2 cup of fresh grated coconut.
Mix until all combined.

5.Roll into round shape about 20 gm each and coated with fresh grated coconut.

6.OR you can decorate this in your Pandan Leaves Casing for your party !!!
Serve at room temperature, or refrigerate for an hour and serve chilled.
Enjoy your healthy sugar free vegan cassava snack !!!

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