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Stir-fry Vegan Petai, Okra, Long Beans


Stir-fry Vegan Petai, Okra, Long Beans
Stir-fry Vegan Petai, Okra, Long Beans

Petai (stinky Beans) is a famous plant & dish in Malaysia, Laos, southern Thailand, Burma, Singapore, Indonesia and the northeastern India. They either sold the seeds in plastic bags or in bunches but still in the pods.


So good and lovely boss arrange the torch ginger flowers nicely for me to shoot picture. See so beautiful pinkish Torch Ginger flowers!!  I bought 5 stalks for tomorrow morning flower smoothie.

torch ginger flower


1 bundle of petai

150 gm okra cut into slant

150 gm long beans -cut into 2 inch long

1  red bird’s eye chili-chopped

1 red chili chopped

1 stalk lemon grass -trimmed (outer layers removed) and finely chopped

1 stalk torch ginger -chopped

1 slice ginger finely chopped

1 small onion chopped-optional

1/3 natural sea salt

1/2 tsp organic light soy sauce

1/3 tsp Vegan Veggie Seasoning

2 tbsp cooking oil

3 tbsp Pure filter water


1. Fresh Petai (stinky beans )from village farm market.

2. Tore the petai off from the pod and remove its white skin.

3. Heat oil in wok. Add the shallot ,ginger, chili,lemon grass till fragrant. Cook over medium heat until soft, about 3 minutes.Add in all the cut touch ginger flower, long beans, okra except petai . Fry to mix ingredients well. Add 3 tbsp of pure water. Cover wok to cook vegetables for 1-2 minutes

*if you prefer vegetables to be crunchy and longer if you prefer it softer*

4. Remove cover, add petai, and seasoning to taste .dish out and serve hot.

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