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The Fruit With Snake Skin – SALAK

Snake Fruit / Snakeskin Fruit

Introducing – The Fruit With Snake Skin – SALAK and it’s benefits

The Fruit With Snakeskin


Fresh salak from farm

Salak Health Benefits

SALAK (蛇皮果), also known as snake fruit or snakeskin fruit, due to the reddish-brown scaly rough skin, closely resemble the reptile skin. It is so famous in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, and Philippines. They are about the size and shape of a fig, with a distinct tip.

When I travel to Indonesia, and I first saw this weird looking thing, I don’t feel like eating this at all. My dad peeled it and passed to me. The taste is sweet and then sour acidic, juicy and crunchy like apple! Wow, I love the taste, like a combination of apple and pineapple. That was my first SALAK.

Then, I tried to peel one by myself. Ouch, the rough skin is hurting me! And it is really looks like snakeskin! Because of can’t resist to try another salak, I have to learn how to peel it. It is easy. Just pinch the tip, the skin is thin and easy to peel. My second salak is so sour, dry and crunchy. My uncle told me the best salak is from Bali island. The fruit size is large, juicy, sweet, and crunchy.

Salak fruit snakeskin Bali
Salak, also known as Snake Fruit


Snakeskin fruit, known by its name. Do you see its needle? The salak that sold in market are polished!

Benefits of ~ The Fruit With Snake Skin ~ SALAK

Salak fruit contain nutrients such as Vitamin-C, Protein, Carbohydrates, Dietary fiber, Calcium, Phosphorus, Iron, Beta-Carotene, and Thiamine that are good for health.

1. Good for Brain

Salak is considered as one of the fruit that highly rich in Potassium and Pectin, which are good for brain. This is why people call salak as the Fruit of Memory.

2. Good for Eyes

Salak also proved beneficial for the health of our eyes. It contains beta-carotene which more than guava, mango, watermelon, and carrots. Beta-carotene is an antioxidant which is very beneficial for the health of our eyes.

3. Good for Stomach

Salak contains calcium, tannin, saponin, flavonoid and beta-carotene. That is why salak has health benefits for human body. Tanin is anti diarrhea, so salak can cure diarrhea. Salak treat indigestion stomach. Tips, it is better to eat salak with its epidermis, which can prevent constipation.

4. Good for Skin

Salak is a good source of dietary antioxidants such as Vitamin-C and phenolic compounds.

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Salak in supermarket
Salak, can be found in supermarket


salak-price in malaysia supermarket
Buah Salak, RM7.99 per kg (up to date of posting)


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