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Raw Moringa Kiwi Vegan Cheesecake


Raw Moringa Kiwi Vegan Cheesecake

Raw Moringa KIwi Cheese Cake
Raw Moringa KIwi Cheese Cake
Raw Moringa Kiwi Cheese Cake
Raw Moringa Kiwi Cheese Cake


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Is the first time i try to use fresh Moringa leave to make a raw cheese cake, the natural green cheesecake taste was just fantastic! Moringa contain a large amount of natural chlorophyll. Check out more about the goodness of Morniga.

Ingredients A:-

1 cup Raw Almond-soaked overnight

1/2 cup walnuts -soaked

1 tbsp Golden flax seeds

10 -15 pieces Medjool Dates-pitted

1/2 tsp  Vanilla extract

1/2 cup dehydrated grated coconuts

Moringa Kiwi Chesses Cream:

1/2 cup Raw cashew-soaked overnight

2 whole Lemon juice and some rinds

1 1/2 cups Fresh moringa leaves

4 Kiwi fruits-peeled

1/2 cup Fresh coconut meat

3-5  tbsp  Organic agave nectar to your sweetness

2 tbsp 100% Pure coconut oil

pinch of sea salt

1/2 cup Coconut water for creamy consistency

Some Fresh grated coconut for topping


Soak the cashews, almonds, walnuts to soften. If you would like to remove the enzyme inhibitor naturally found on the nuts, you may soak overnight. Drain them of water and set aside.

Dehydrated the almonds, walnuts, grated coconuts .

For the Base:

1. Place all  the dehydrated almonds, walnuts. flax seeds, vanilla in a food processor and grind roughly. Add the dates and process until the mixture is uniform add grated coconut process until sticks together.Press mixture firmly and evenly onto the pan.

Refrigerate base while you make the filling

Moringa Cream Cheese Filling:-

1. Place in all the cream cheese ingredients in VitaMix or a food processor.

2. Blend all filling ingredients until silky smooth cream. Pour on the top of base crust.

3. Place in freezer overnight or few hours until set. These can be thawed for 1 hour prior to eating.Top with some fresh grated coconuts.

Enjoy this natural chlorophyll Moringa kiwi raw cheese cake.

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