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Passion Fruits, Aloe Vera Dessert

Passion fruit, Aloe Vera are my favorite combo and heart warming ingredients in my recipes.

Passion fruit is super delicious rich source of antioxidants, minerals, fiber, high amount of vitamin C and A and plant based iron and minerals.

Passion fruit provide a wonderful tropical aromatic flavor in all recipes, add distinct flavor great in YeeShang and fruits salad.

It also used in various recipes like dressing, dessert, guacamole, salsa, raw cheese cakessmoothie etc….

This is one of my family favourite dessert !

The 3 main simple ingredients are~

The Miracle Aloe Vera~ Fresh, Organic raw Aloe Vera from my garden.

Passion Fruits-Fruit of Passion 


lemon passion fruits


Aloevera Passion fruits Dessert


Aloevera Passion fruits Dessert

Passion fruit Aloe Vera Dessert:


1 kg Passion fruits Pulp

8 stalks organic aloe vera

2 Lemon Juice

Agave Nectar/ Setiva or any sweetness to your taste


1.Peel and cut out the flesh from the aloe vera stalk into cube.

2.Wash the sticky yellow substance for 1-3 time under running water.
After that, drain and keep aside.

3. In a dressing bowl place in all the aloe-vera, passion fruits pulp, lime juice, agave nectar and mix well.

4. Fill in the aloe vera, passion fruits into a grass jar.

5. Put in refrigerator for few hours or lets aloe vera soak up all the marinated.
BEST served cool the next day !

6. This dessert can keep in grass jar for a weeks.

lemon passion fruits


Aloevera Passion fruits Dessert

Simple Fresh, Raw and Natural Aloe Vera, Passion Fruits with the taste of sweet and sour dessert !

Aloevera Passion fruits Dessert

You can also scoop 2-3 tbsp added in your morning green smoothies.

I am a Passion fruits Lover!! Are you a passion fruits lover like Me?

Stay tune, as there will be another simple ingredients and easy post on passion fruit coming soon!

Inspirational Vegan Quotes  :-

“Animals are my friends. And I don’t eat my friends.” -George Bernard Shaw


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