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MASSIMO – VEGAN BREAD BRAND 100 % Whole Wheat Loaf

This is absolutely a great news for Veganlogy’s Malaysia Vegan Fans.

Vegan Bread Brand – MASSIMO sandwich loaf with wheat germ.

A brand new bread in Malaysia, Massimo. Still is a all new brand ! Massimo is by The Italian Baker Sdn. Bhd, The Italian Baker Sdn. Bhd. wholly owned subsidiary of FFM Berhad, under PPB Group.

MASSIMO – Exclusive – The Italian Baker Bread Shop

Massimo (Malaysia) 100 % Whole Wheat Loaf is suitable for Vegans as it does not contain any animal by-products and additives in any form including milk and other dairy products.

Massimo sandwich loaf with Wheat Germ is loaded with the heart-healthy goodness and aroma of wheat germ. Each Massimo loaf is baked to perfection the traditional way, with as much passion and insistence on quality ingredients that Italian bakers are known for.

An interview with Italian Baker Sdn Bhd general manager and director Jimmy Chang. (source:

We decided to adopt the Italian approach as they are known to take great pride in, and are very passionate about, food, especially in the use of fresh ingredients to ensure that it is wholesome and healthy, said Italian Baker Sdn Bhd general manager and director Jimmy Chang.

These are the core values which we want to implement in our bread making process.

An investment of RM120mil was spent to set up the new baking plant in Pulau Indah, Port Klang where Federal Flour Mills (FFM) is located thus enabling easy access to the raw ingredients required for the baking process.

Chang added that state-of-the-art machinery from the United States and Europe was brought in and installed in phases with a local team that worked closely with the overseas experts.

Entrance of Massimo factory

Our combination of bread-baking passion and technology results in the production of superior quality bread filled with wholesome goodness,he said.

Chang added that people wanted foods that contained the freshest and most nutritious ingredients yet still within their budgets when they went grocery shopping.

With this understanding of their lifestyle and realising the increasing costs of basic staples such as bread, we decided to introduce Massimo,” he explained.

Chang said the sandwich loaf not only tasted good but also came with a host of health benefits due to the wheat germ it contained.

He added that wheat germ was regarded to be healthy as it is full of minerals and vitamins.

If consumed on a daily basis, it can help lower cholesterol levels, reduce the risk of heart disease, combat certain cancers and improve the body’s immune system on the whole.

Our bread is baked with total dedication to quality and ingredients and adheres only to the highest standards,added Chang.

Massimo Bread Whole Wheat Roti Malaysia

Massimo Bread Whole Wheat Roti Sandwich Malaysia

MASSIMO sandwich loaf with wheat germ, which recently entered the bread market, is a homegrown sandwich loaf that promises wholesome goodness.

The sandwich loaf packaging bears three colours green, white and red the same colours found on the Italian flag.

The Massimo bread is baked combining the traditions of Italian baking passion with modern day techniques.
Marketed under the brand name Massimo, it denotes luxury and prestige, synergising traditional style with modern design.

*Please note that MASSIMO has other products such as Massimo Cream Rolls which contain milk.

What a nice name! However, Massimo bread does not have any relation to Massimo Ambrosini (AC Milan, Italy Midfielder). Cheers.senyumkenyit

*Email from Customer Care- The Italian Baker *:-

The Italian Baker is pleased to inform you that Massimo 100 % Whole Wheat Loaf is suitable for vegans as it does not contain any animal by-products & additives in any form including eggs, milk and other dairy products. Just like the other 2 Massimo Sandwich Loaves. Massimo 100% Whole Wheat Loaf only contains enzymes of microbial origin and emulsifiers of vegetable origin.

The Italian Baker would like to thank all your vegan friends and yourself for your kind support and wishes.

We will definitely convey your suggestion, about having the words “Suitable for Vegans” on each of the 3 Massimo Sandwich Loaf product packagings, to our Bakery for their consideration.

Thank you & kind regards.

Customer Care
The Italian Baker



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