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Joyful News:Supreme Master Television is back!

Joyful News: October 3rd Supreme Master Television is back!


SupremeMasterTV Livestream broadcasting 24 hours everyday.
PLEASE SHARE SMTV spreading the message of LOVE and PEACE, bring more Positive and bright power to the world. Non-profit television stations and Join us at



How to Get the Most Blessings

“I dream that the whole World will become Peaceful.
I dream that all the Killing will Stop.
I dream that all the Children will walk in Peace and Harmony.
I dream that all the Nations will Shake Hands with each other, Protect each other and Help each other.
I dream that our Beautiful Planet will not be Destroyed.
It took Billions of years to produce this Planet and it’s so Beautiful, so Wonderful;
I dream it will continue, but in Peace, Beauty, and Love.
Yes, that is my DREAM.

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Inspirational Vegan Quotes:

Killers: Meat, Drug, Alcohol & Cigarette

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