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IKEA Vegan Veggie Balls Rise and Shine

Ikea Vegan Veggie Balls - GRÖNSAKSBULLAR

GRÖNSAKSBULLAR, another tasty food options – IKEA Vegan Veggie Balls Rise and Shine at it’s cafeteria worldwide, the well known for its assemble-it-yourself furniture and its Swedish Meatballs. This Veggie Balls is gluten-free! dairy-free! and antibiotic-free! Now, vegan and vegetarian shoppers can shop in Ikea without carrying away by the hungry stomach.

According to IKEA, The veggie balls consists of only vegetables and has a reduced environmental impact; for example, a lower carbon footprint. This is a natural step for IKEA, building on the vision of creating better everyday lives.

IKEA Vegan Veggie Balls are made up of carrots, chickpeas, corn, green peas, red pepper, kale, pea protein, onion, rapeseed oil, salt and seasoning. It’s totally suitable for vegetarian and vegan. A meal with 10 of the IKEA veggie balls will be selling at dollars ($4.49) or euros (4) with more vegetables, fiber, calcium and iron, and less fat, cholesterol and calories added to your plates.

The move comes at a time a growing number of Americans are buying more vegetarian or vegan foods. About 47% of adults and 32% of youths under age 18 say they eat vegetarian meals at least once a week, according to two recent Harris polls.

“We will continue to serve delicious food … but with increasing focus on the aspects of food that are really important to people: health and sustainability,” said Michael La Cour, managing director of IKEA Food Service AB, in a statement. “Our journey in this direction has just begun.”

GRÖNSAKSBULLAR will be available in IKEA U.S. (except Carson, CA), UK and Euro starting April 9. Asia, Australia and Canada should be up-and-coming.

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source: IKEA, USAToday