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Homemade VEGAN Pan Fried DUMPLINGS



Homemade VEGAN Pan Fried DUMPLINGS
Homemade VEGAN Pan Fried DUMPLINGS


2  1/2 cup organic all purpose plain flour  (divide 2 cup of flour for hot boiling water,  1/2 cup of flour for warm water)

3/4 cup hot boiling water (divide 1/2 for warm water)

pinch of sea salt

Mix well all together. Knead and make a dough ,rest for 10 minutes . Then roll out well on floured board. Roll out real thinly pieces.

For filling:

1 big bowl of chopped cabbage (about 4 cups)

3-4 shiitake mushroom -soaked and chopped

1/2 cup finely chopped bamboo shoots shredded

1/2  cup finely chopped water chestnuts

2 slices ginger & diced

some fresh coriander leaves and stem -chopped

1/2 cup of shredded black fungus

1/2 of shredded carrot


1 tbsp tamari

1 tbsp mirin

1 tbsp black sesame oil

1/3 tsp white pepper

1/2 tsp sea salt

2 tbsp of sesame oil

Dipping sauce:

3 tbsp soy sauce

1 tbsp black sesame oil

1 tbsp tomato sauce

1 tsp chilli sauce ( if you love chilli)

1/2 tsp vinegar

some fresh minced ginger

** There is a lot flexibility with this fried dumplings  recipe depending on your own personal tastes and what you have in your kitchen fridge. Basically, stuffing with cabbage,carrots, mushrooms, water chestnut, and other greens veggie you love**


Wash and prepare all the veggie in a big mixing bowl.
Heat oil in wok ,fry diced ginger until fragrant add stir fry the mushroom ,black fungus,bamboo shoots, and all seasoning for 5-8 minutes.Lastly add cabbage,carrot ,water chestnuts turn off the heat,stir fry and mixed well ,don’t cooked the veggie keep the water chestnuts ,cabbage & carrot raw.
Knead and roll out well the dough on a floured board,divide all into a small portion (about 16-18 gm each) the size depend on your wish, so you can start from big to the smaller ones.
Using a rolling pin…..roll up out a real round thin pieces .
Place a heaping teaspoon of filling in the centre of the wrapper.

Fold the dumpling wrapper over the filling and pinch the edges to seal it shut.
Heat 2 tablespoons oil in a non stick pan or wok.When oil is ready, carefully add the dumplings
and cook on high heat until golden brown (about 1 minute). Without turning the dumplings over,
add 1/2 cup of water and cover. Cook for about 1 minute to cook the filling and then cover lid,
continue… until most of the water is absorbed.
Serve the Pan fried dumplings with the burnt side on top.
Homemade VEGAN Pan Fried DUMPLINGS
~ Homemade VEGAN Pan Fried DUMPLINGS~
Homemade VEGAN Pan Fried DUMPLINGS
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