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Healthy Raw Betel Leaves Snack


Healthy Betel Leaves Snack
Healthy Betel Leaves Snack

This morning I picked some betel leaves ,sand ginger from my garden and some Belimbing asam( Averrhoa bilimbi) from my malay neighbour garden ,to make a healthy betel leaves snack….

Betel leaves wrapped is a simple, easy & great to make appetizer or snack and its fun to eat and healthy to all friends ! It is amazing how delicious simple things can be and a prefect appetizer that can be made for any occasion !!


15-20 Raw fresh betel leaves or called daun kadok from my garden yard.

8-10 chopped Green chilli padi and red bird’s eye chilli

3 wing bean-slices

6 lime or lemon – the thinner the skin, the better-cut into 6

6  Averrhoa bilimbi ( Belimbing asam)-slices

Vegan mushroom cracker

some roasted peanuts or any nuts of choice

* You can have any raw green veggie in hand for wrapped this snack *

Sweet Coconut Sauce:

Healthy Betel Leaves Snack
Healthy Betel Leaves Snack

1  tablespoon finely diced sand ginger (from my garden,love the aroma of this sand ginger ) or you can also use galangal

1/3 cup chopped shallots

1/2 cup water

1/3 cup palm sugar

1 red bird’s eye chilli

2-3 tbsp grated toasted coconut

  1. Boil over medium low heat to reduce the sauce to the thickness . Make sure to keep stirring to prevent over burnt.Turn off the heat …
  2. Add the roasted coconut, mix well and put into a small serving bowl.
  3. Take one of the betel leaf and fold the bottom to make a pouch . To assemble this just put a little bit of everything …..chopped lime, roasted peanuts,slices oxalidaceae fruit ,vegan cracker and diced red or green chili padi ..a little spoonful of sweet coconut sauce . Roll and make a packet, and eat this in one bite,if you love spicy is great taste with more green bird’s eye chillie !!
Healthy Betel Leaves

Fold betel leaves

Make a pouch with the leaf

Healthy Betel Leaves Snack

 Add a bit of each ingredient & some sauce.

Healthy Betel Leaves Snack

Fold top of the leaf to make a packet & EAT !

Bon appetit ! …:)



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