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Green Bird’s Eye Chilli Healthy Enzyme

The organic green bird’s eye chili tree growing  5 ft tall in my garden yard and begin to yield large amounts of chili , harvest a bowl of them every morning and this is the hottest chili I had ever eaten!! All my neighbour love this super spicy little chili, just eat one piece of these chili produce so much burning sensation.

To prevent all turning bad,I use to prepare in vinegar and sambal chili.



chilli padi.jpg8
Home grow organic bird’s eye chillies

Have you ever try making Spicy enzyme vinegar? Is simple! put Bird’s eye chili into an empty clean jar, pour in some rice vinegar,oligo to cover, screw on the lid, and let the whole thing sit for a week or month.

The chili enzyme will intensify in spice and flavor the longer it sits. This chili enzyme will keep in the refrigerator for a year.

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chilli padi.jpg4


A bowl of Organic Green Bird’s eye chili.

Few leaves of Organic Sweet Basil.

520ml Organic Brown rice vinegar

300 gm Probiotics Oligo


1.Rinse and dry the chili.

2.Clean and Prepare glass jar.

3.Pour in the brown rice vinegar,oligo stir the mixture gradually, add in all the bird’s eye chilli.

4.Seal tight with food wrap before covering the lid.

5.Keep in dry cool place for 2 weeks before serving. This chilli enzyme better result if keep for 2-3 months.

6.Add some lemon juice and mix 20 ml chilli enzyme with 10 times of water for serving.

7.Cut some enzyme chilli the into small pieces with added some lemon juice, tarmari great for tofu and vietnamese spring rolls dipping sauces.

sweet basil
Home grow organic sweet basil.

Stay tune for my next post ~ Homemade Bird’s eye sambal belancan recipes, coming soon !

~ Bird's eye sambal belancan

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