Steamed Gluten Free Chinese Pumpkin Kuih “金瓜糕”

Steamed Chinese Pumpkin Cake

  This is a very Famous Chinese Steamed Golden Pumpkin Kuih in Malaysia Chinese named it , “金瓜糕”. Chinese will serve this Golden pumpkin kuih and steamed yam Kuih during CNY or celebration party and considering the nice golden pumpkin… Continue Reading


Steamed Glutinous Pumpkin Dumplings

soon kuih

  Steamed Glutinous Pumpkin Dumplings Steamed Dumpling or Bangkuang kuih. A famous Chinese Hakka Soon kuih, is one of my family favorite kuih !!! Chinese Dumplings or steamed kuih is a Southeast Asian Chinese people typical morning and afternoon snack.… Continue Reading


Ondeh-ondeh Purple Sweet Potato and Onde-onde Pandan

Purple sweet potato Oden-oden

Ondeh-ondeh This is a common Malaysia and Indonesia Snack. My friends from Taiwan love this Onde-onde when they travel Melaka and request me for this recipe. Onde-onde also known as Buah Melaka by the Baba Nyonya -Peranakans  in state of  Melaka,… Continue Reading

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