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Joyful News:Supreme Master Television is back!

Joyful News: October 3rd Supreme Master Television is back!   SupremeMasterTV Livestream broadcasting 24 hours everyday. PLEASE SHARE SMTV spreading the message of LOVE and PEACE, bring more Positive and bright power to the world. Non-profit television stations and Join us at 請開啟SMTV,繼續傳播愛與和平的訊息,為世界帶來更多正面光明的力量。 請大家一起努力! 無上師電視台   How to Get the Most Blessings ~ DREAM~ "I dream that the whole World will


We invite You to Join Us ! SIGN UP FOR ETHICAL EATING DAY ON 11 JANUARY ALL LIVES HAVE FEELINGS AND DO MATTER. EMPATHIZE WITH THE LIVES OF OTHERS BY BEING A VEGETARIAN.   ETHICAL EATING DAY Tzu Chi has chosen 11 January 2016 as its Ethical Eating Day. Not only does “111” stand for

The Vegan of the Year Awards 2015~ Winners Announced!

AWARDS The Vegan of the Year Awards 2015: Winners Announced! The Vegan of the Year Awards: Winners Announced Welcome to the Vegan of the Year Awards 2015 winners announcement. A huge congratulations to everyone on the list below. This year was a really tough one because of the high calibre and large number of nominees. A


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Veganism & Environment

Veganism & Environment

Veganism & Environment Raising animals for food is the greatest source of destruction to our environment. Let us show you how veganism & environment are connected. Our environment is in serious trouble. We are in the midst of terrible ecological devastation. Raising animals for food is the single greatest human-caused source of destruction

The Reasons For Going Vegan


The Reasons For Going Vegan There are many reasons for going vegan, you do it either for the animals, for the environment or for yourselves. Abundance of scientific research found the health and environmental benefits of a plant-based diet, an estimated 70 percent of all diseases, including one-third of all cancers,