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Raw Aloe-Vera Passion Fruits Dessert

Raw Aloe-Vera Passion fruits in Cup COLD

Raw, Fresh, Natural & Healthy Aloe Vera Dessert Aloe Vera is one of the heart-warming ingredient in my recipe book. I always use fresh, raw Aloe Vera from my garden. In this recipe, I will show you one of my favourite dessert for summer! 3 main ingredients that I use are: The Miracle Aloe Vera Passion

2 – Gluten free Crepes

  Ingredients:- 1/4 cup cilantro leaves chopped 1 potato shredded 1/2 cup pumpkin shredded 1 cup gluten free wheat flour 1 1/4 cup pure water 1 tsp himalayan salt Dash of pepper Method In a mixing  bowl, combine all  the ingredients and  mix well. Heat oil in a 10-inch nonstick pan pour batter into centre . Lift and tilt pan

Grosvenor Momordica Sugar Free Lotus Seeds Dessert

Sugar free Dessert~~ Grosvenor Momordica Fruit,Red dates,Water chestnuts, Longan all contain natural sweetness no sugar was added at all ! Ingredients: 1 bowl Lotus seeds -rinsed 1 cup Ginkgo Nuts ( removed the shell and skin)-rinsed 20 gm Dried Longan -rinsed 6 Water chestnuts- peel cut half 15  gm snow fungus (soak ,drain and discard the hard

Sweet Potato with Snow Fungus Dessert

  Ginkgo Nuts are very popular ingredients for Chinese cooking, whether it be added into congee or dessert.White fungus contain much iron,Vit C,calcium,phosphorus and the fat and gum like protein in it is especially nourishing to the body. Ingredients: 20 gm Snow fungus - tremella (soak for 2 hours in pure Water) 500 gm

Tropical Fruits Coconut Milk Dessert

Ingredients: 1 cup  fresh young coconut meat and coconut water some ice cube 1 tsp agave nectar ( if you wish to add ) to taste 1 banana-sliced 1 slice papaya-cube 1 passion fruit pulp 2 jack fruits -cubed 1 slice  mango -cubed 1 tsp goji berries Blend the coconut meat & water , agave with ice cube until smooth

Black Sesame Tofu Dessert

  Ingredients 1 pack Organic Soft tofu (300g) 5  tablespoons Organic Black Sesame seeds ( or Organic sesame powder ) 1 tablespoons Flax seeds 3-4 Medjool Dates to your sweetness Method 1.  Combine the Organic soft tofu and Black sesame ,dates  in a blender and blend until smooth and creamy. 2.  Garnish with some toasted white and black sesame

Aloe Vera & Grosvenor Momordica Fruit Dessert

Aloe Vera & Grosvenor Momordica fruit

  Grosvenor Momordica Fruit + RAW Aloe Vera = Natural Wonder for Skin and Body This dessert can be served hot or cold. Besides, it is a good remedy for cough and sore throat. And of course, if you are suffering from these illness, please drink it HOT. You will feel relief